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Ok peeps, a friend requested me to spill 25 random facts about me as it has become a major phenomena in the BlogSpace. So here it is .. 25 Random Facts About me.. Enjoy !! =D

1. I have been wearing glasses for 16 years now. It all started when I was in year 3 in school when I went for swimming. Some chlorine that was put to the pool became a allergy to my eyes and since then I have had problems with my sight where I have the problem of being short sighted. The doctors have told there is no cure for this so 24/7 365 I wear my glasses and only take them off when I go to sleep or when I want to wash my face.. Its kinda like one of my body parts now =)

2. I have done some crazy things when I was in school. The most memorable one is happened when I was in year 6 where I knocked down a teacher( accidentally of course) and fractured one of her legs. They let me get away after a warning(since I was honest and told my headmaster that I was the one who did it) but after that day I was famous being the "kid who broke a teachers leg " =D

3. As a kid I was afraid of girls but later on as I grew up and got more interactive with them (Thanks to Uni) my fear has gone away. ( Only 98 percent tho hehe)

4. I have the ability to write poems in both Sinhala and English which is an ability I am kinda proud of =). My Atthamma used to say those days that one our uncles ( who has passed away even before I was born) had the ability to write poems as well and his genes have somehow come to me. I have read some of his poems and they wee really beautiful and when it comes to writing poetry he was my first influence. =)

5. I used to have 3 awesome best friends during school days. 2 Guys were Muslim and the other A Buddhist we were like brothers and still our friendship is going strong though we hardly talk or meet these days due to various boundaries that we cannot cross.

6. I loved music from my childhood and I loved playing the organ and perfected it to the best of my ability ever since I got an Organ from my Uncle for my Birthday. I have this ability to listen to a song and play that song on Organ and here also Atthamma was my greatest fan and advisor as she always loved the music I played at home and during my music classes. My Favorite tunes that I played on the Organ was
Barbie gal , Sealed with a Kiss and Ran Tikiri Sina. =)

7. My favorite sport is Cricket and I am addicted to it =). Wanted to be a cricketer when I was a kid but never really went far with that goal because of my Studies.

8. I did my O/L's twice since I got an S for Maths during my first exam.(Other results were awesome tho I did it just to have a good image on my final certificate without letting a "S" ruining my other overall results) I got through the next time with a "C". I guess u know now MATHS was my most Hated subject during school and I still "HATE IT".

9. I am a Scorpio and it seems its an Unusual thing cos most people I know who are born on early October have a different star sign. However I am glad that I ended up being a Scorpio rather than something else. =)

10. I have had crushes for the fairer sex ever since I went to Nursery. (Now don't think I am a Pervert :P its just an innocent crush hehe)

11. I love rice and curry and I hate String Hoppers and Hoppers ( Only eat them when I don't have anything else to eat.)

12. I love chocolate biscuit can eat 1 or 2 packets all by myself in an hour. =D

13. I used to have many Favorite Drinks. Fanta and Portello comes first followed by Coke and Milo but the One I like the Most is the Morning Glass of Milk my Mom makes for me. =D

14. I love watching any kinda sport as long as its exciting. (I don't play much tho except for Cricket which I play here and there with my friends and with Malli and the rest of the cousins during the past =))

15. I had this female friend whom I knew for 10 years only through emails and sms.
I never got to see her (not even a picture) and we never even heard each others voices until the day she went to Australia for her further studies where she called me to say "Goodbye ." I have never been in a serious relationship but I think I can safely say that She was my first Girl Friend.

16. I am addicted to TV since I was a Kid. The percentage slightly got lower when the computer came in but still I am addicted to it like hell..

17. I lost my first mobile while coming in the bus. ( Since then I have become extra careful when taking my phone during the bus rides.)

18. During my school days I used to have around 10 pairs of glasses cos I was not careful with them and broke them regulary..(Once when I was playing cricket in school I was going to take a catch when I missed the ball and it hit straight on my glasses the glasses did break but it did save my eyes.. =) )

19. From the time I was a Kid I loved to Smile and I still do =).

20. My first favorite boy bands were Backstreet Boys and Boyzone . Girl Group were Spice Girls and Solid Harmony

21. I have been lost and found 3 times. The first time was when I got lost in Viharamahadevi Park and was dropped home safely by a couple I hardly knew, saw for the first time and have never seen again.( you don't find like this nowadays na) My parents thought that they will never find me and was crying all the way when they came home , But when they got home they were surprised and happy to see me sleeping in my bed as if nothing has happened. =) (I did get a good thrashing the next day though but it took two more incidents for me to learn the lesson correctly =) )

22.I always had the temptation to kiss a girl on her lips and see how it feels like.

23.I love making friends and can make new ones with just a short conversation with them which spans around 10 to 15 minutes max. =)

24. I am not that much of an outgoing person and Love spending time indoors at home doing the things I love to do =).

25.Other than the hobbies I have mentioned above I also have a unique collection of Stamps and Coins which I am proud of having and a hobby I still continue to do whenever I am free. =)

So there you go 25 Random facts about me. Guess you are one step closer now in knowing the me and hope u like it =). Oh I got another list going on as well =).

Here are my all time favorite tracks that I love listening to over and over again.
Let me know your pick and see if your favorite is there 2 =).

1) Love me for a Reason - BoyZone
2) As long as you Love Me - Backstreet Boys
3) 2 become 1 - Spice Girls
4) Invisible Man - 98 Degrees
5) What I want is What I got - Westlife
6) If you were Mine - Bread and Breakfast
7) True Blue - Madonna
8) Right Here Waiting for you - Richard Marks
9) Inside - Stillskin
10)Two Princes - Spin Doctors
11)Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash Test Dummies
12)Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
13)In the End - Linkin Park
14)Hanging by the Moment - Lifehouse
15)She Hates Me - Puddle of Mud
16)Chop Suey! - System of a Down
17)Kissed from a Rose - Seal
18)Don't know why - Norah Jones
19) Barbie Girl - Aqua
20) Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
21) What's my Age Again - Blink 182
22) I don't wanna be - Gavin Degraw
23) Tumbtumping - Chumbawamba
24) Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
25) Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

I did a 25 of this as well so its equal now =). (my calculations are correct right? :P)

Long Post But I guess it was worth it =)

Until Next Time..


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  Lady divine

7:32 PM

with ref to #19, keep smiling always..and spread it..:)

  The Celestial Dream

6:32 AM

Bro.... OMG @ 22!!!

I agree with LD, KEEP SMILING!!



9:52 AM

LD : I will Lady D I take it as a gift god has given me to use as a tool to bring happiness to everyone I know that what I am doing =) Thank You 2 for making me smile =)

TCD: hehe Its weird na Sis only when I read it again I felt like "Damn I shouldn't have said that here " LOL!
Thank You for making me Smile Sis as always you are the Best ! =)

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