The Six List - Top Super Hero Love Scandals !

Welcome People to another unique six list =). February is the Month of Love so I thought of celebrating the month with a love six list. This is the first one of two six list's for the month of love and it deals with the Top Super Hero Love Scandals of all time. Check it out and let me know what you think =)

Number 6 - Super Man and Lois Lane

To start the list its the Man of Steel and his Daily Planet Love Interest Lois Lane. These two are one of the famous couples when it comes to super heroes but the love was not shown to the outside all the time.Only time people can figure out that Lois Loves Superman is when he saves her life. Otherwise its good old Clarke Kent so Lois you are a bad bad girl hun I know Superman sings to you everyday the Enrique Song "I can be your hero Baby.." At least listen to him and give him a chance will ya ?

Number 5 - Hulk and Betty Ross

At Number 5 is the Green Giant and the sweet Scientist Betty Ross. This is kinda like the Superman and Lois love scandal but its got a twist Betty is MAD !!!!!!!!! that is all I can say.. HOW THE HELL CAN SHE LOVE A GREEN MAN WHO CAN SQUISH HER TO BITS I know I know its Bruce Banner inside but can you count on the Hulk ? HE IS A MONSTER DAMMIT ! she is the most insane woman I have seen and I don't know how she became a Scientist in the first place. whatever said and done all I can say is its a Scandal so these peeps come in at Number 5.

Number 4 - Bat Man and Cat Woman

This is like the love scandal we saw with Ranil and Chandrika . Two people out of their leagues sometimes being worst enemies falling in love. SWEET !!! a villain and a super hero falling in love is just what we need and it states a fact "No Matter who you are.. No Matter what you do There are no Bounds .. For Love to Come Through"

Number 3 - Wolverine and Jean Grey

hehehe I like this one that is why its in the TOP 3. This love scandal was a true example of a love scandal between a pretty,unfaithful girlfriend and the not so handsome but flirty, body building, powerful guy. Movie Makers were inspired with this love scandal and made movies (Unfaithful starring Diane Lane). Poor Cyclops couldn't do anything about it and though he knew the whole scene he just waited wondering what to do so this scandalous bam bam love comes at Number 3 in the List.

Number 2 - Spider Man and Mary Jane

This is one perfect love you will never forget when it comes to comics. its kinda like the Movie "Girl Next Door" or the old Australian tv series "Neighbors". The perfect pretty sweet nice gal falling to the Nerd who becomes the Web Crawler. The good thing about this is MJ loves both Peter and Spidy ( Peter a bit more I guess) All in all its a great love story and I feel sorry for MJ PP and Spidy cos the love is good but they cannot be together Hopefully it will happen for them lets wait and c shall we ? =D

Number 1 - Gambit and Rogue

Oh yea this is Number 1 Baby.. The Rough Love the Sexy Love the Ambitious Love You name it all this couple got them. First lets take Rogue She got the powers she is sexy and wild and then Gambit the Handsome , Mysterious, Cunning and also a charmer with the ladies. This couple can make love like the song by Kings of Leon ( Sex On Fire..) So this heated power sexy and naughty love couple comes first in the list and I consider their love the most famous , top love scandal of all =)

Until Next Time..


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  The Celestial Dream

5:48 AM

NICE! SIraaawata NICE ah!

I'm in stitches and awe!




7:50 AM

TCH :hehe Thank You Sis Glad u liked the List =D and stitches ?? aww hope u r ok Sis take care ok ? and smile =)



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