Silence for Success..

Silence or more precisely being quiet and ignorant can bring you a lot of success in life. Why do I say this ? well there are situations where you can use silence for your advantage.Check out the following facts :)

When you are quiet people wonder what you are up to and always try to guess and feel suspicious that you got something on your mind (Its good if you are not really planning something. They will keep away from you specially if they are people who used to bug you or bother you in the beginning)

By being silent when your mad you can control your anger and control your blood pressure as well. But remember its not safe to bottle it up all the time but if you can quietly put it out without overreacting success is yours.

Silence can help you make friends sometimes cos most people tend to love people who are not much talkative and talks only when it is needed

Silence helps you to sleep well when you need to and also Silence always reminds people what is the situation they are facing to and ultimately make them feel that they should be silent too.

Silence always helps a guy to understand a lady and vise versa.

Silence tells others what you are feeling to say and what you are hiding

These are some of the facts ( good facts) about Silence.Note that being silent is not always good cos you have to tell something at some point otherwise you will loose a lot of things that you want to get in life. But when it comes to tight situations and emotions rule over yourself,its best to stay Silent than saying anything at all. :)

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