Marry Me.. Marry Me.. Please Please Don't !

Just like the dramatic title given to this post the issue I am gonna blog about today is kinda more dramatic than I thought it would be. I never thought I would blog about this thing called Getting Married ! but nowadays its has become a more frequent thing than usual so I had to talk about it.

In the past, Marriage was considered as a very sacred, spiritual , charming and a occasion filled with Love and Happiness. Proposed Marriages were frequent with every family with love marriages coming in here and there, the main point here is that it was mostly done with the blessings of the parents of both parties and more importantly with mutual consent of the bride and the groom.

Nowadays things have changed and again I like to use the word Dramatic. Its like people are getting married everyday and its done for fun without all seriousness.I might be overreacting here a bit cos most people do wait for the right time to get married and specially with horoscopes and nakath ( no idea of the English word for this )given special attention lot of weddings are happening at one particular time of the year. It's all good with me and its not the Issue

The issue is the AGE.
Doesn't people care about the Age anymore ? 3 of my friends got married this month and all of them are 23 and the gals they got married are just 18 .. Common 18 ?? MARRIED ??? that's just absurd and ridiculous. All those guys still live with their parents and doesn't have a permanent income yet cos they all got their jobs a year or so ago. And the gals well they just finished school ( I guess when you look at their age its true I think)so here's the issue how are they gonna start a family? how are they gonna handle all the family problems and issues that are faced by our own parents ? What are they gonna do if they get a kid out as well ?? will they be able to feed them ??

As you can see a lot of questions arise and goes unsolved.

The problem that I see in this whole picture is that people who are getting married today thinks marriage is the easiest way to blossom their love and they can live happily ever after. They are caught in the mirage of building a family but they don't understand the plight they are putting themselves in and also their loved ones and the kids they are gonna make someday.

There are so many things to do before marriage. Ensuring your career is safe and is going well, your economic situation is good and strong , you can feed the mouths of everyone in your family and also you can love your partner all the way without denying anything that you promised at the start of the relationship it self.

People should understand that Marriage is not a game and should be taken seriously. When they don't and do things like this, it goes down the drain after a few months and years and this is when Divorces and all the nasty 3rd party relationships begin cos the trust is lost , jealousy creeps in ( when looking at the single people who are having much more fun ) and also the burden is too hard to bear.

I think the best thing to do is just take your time in your relationship until the trust is sorted out and then get married. At least waiting for the correct age is a MUST otherwise a whole lot of problems will come in as I mentioned above.

Anyways I am not a Kapuwa =D and I don't envy my friends. I wish them all a happy married life and may they have a wonderful future together with their respective partners.

BUT ... the question remains so all you single people who are willing to get married early think again and think wisely..

Until Next Time


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6:13 AM

hey bro,
I think ppl should marry whn they r quite ready for it....Marriage in 18 is a totally "no no" from my side....

I'm not against marriage or anything ,bt I think ppl should enjoy a quality time of their own b4 marriage...

Bt it sure depends...Ppl have different attitudes na..

wtsoever being an independent woman rocks....

cheers buddy......

the girl with wings....


8:48 AM

TGWW: True Sis I too agree it depends but as u said being Independent is far better than getting married soon Single Life Rocks =)


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