Valentine's Rap

The following is a rap song I wrote to celebrate Valentines Day. Its nothing personal and doesn't relate to me or anyone. You can sing a long too. (You have the freedom to make your own tune.)
Enjoy =)

There's a girl I know her name is Susi..
She got a pretty Smile and a good shaped Booty..
She talks less and she looks More ..
Every time I see her,
I want More..

Its almost Feb 14..
I ain't got a date..
But she's on my Mind..
Should I ask her Out
Oh just by her a gift.
I don't know what to do
Someone Please Help !!

I think ill buy her flowers
100 roses and a card
But She's a gold digger
I think she wants a Car..

She loves cosmetics
And to color her hair Red
I thought she's An Angel
But she's Something Else..

Goddam Susi what happended to you
Why are you acting like
A goddam fool..

I got the Idea now
You want fame..
And to get guys drool over you
You are So Lame..

Soo I left Susi
She broke my heart
She doesn't understand
That looks don't Last..

So no Susi
So no gal
This Valentine
Will suck and burn

But hey common..
I don't worry at all..
I'll rock on the 14th
By Singing this Song..


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9:39 AM

lol :)

may be its time
you get yourself a Lucy


7:54 PM

You're invited bro!


8:18 AM

rannelee : LOL !! =D

TheWhacksteR : Thank You 4 the Invitation Bro =) I ll do my best to make it there

Cheers !!


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