Dance in the Rain..

As lightning strikes
And the clouds gather around

Rain drops falling
As the sun hide in the clouds

Yeah Baby it's raining again
As i go outside and dance in the rain

I dance and dance
As the rain falls on my head

Dancing to the tunes of
Justin Timberlake

The Umbrella in One Hand
As my shoes tap away

I just dance all the way
till the dawn of day

I move around
I jump so high

Lightning Strikes
As I try to touch the sky

I dance and sway
letting my pains go away

And though I know
I will get sick someday

I will always and forever
Dance in the Rain...

Until Next Time..

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10:48 AM

'cause you're gay.

wow, that rhymed.


12:57 AM

Anon/Troll - is that your anti-gay sentiments?


8:37 AM

@Anon: Thank you for Revealing your Immaturity =D

@DeeCee:Good Question Dee =D

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