Empty Pocket ...

Yes that's what I am these days. The current economic crisis in the world , the world and in the industry (Apparel) I am working for has hit me too. I didn't get my salary for February yet and its not doing anything good for me cos I can't do anything while being bankrupt. The worst thing is that I am missing this year's big match too just because I don't have enough money to buy a freaking ticket :s.

I don't like to ask my parents for money. They are prepared to give me the money but I know what they are going through with paying the fees for Malli and Nangi

This salary situation is bad but the even worse case is the there are people whom I have lend money to and they haven't paid me yet :( . Why do people take money if they can't pay back? this is what I get for being the good guy and lending money to others. I learned a harsh lesson in this and decided never to lend money again to anyone cos I don't trust them anymore. They might think I am filthy rich but they don't know what I am going through in reality.

So no big match this time 2 for me :(. I am looking for new jobs these days and I am hoping of getting one soon. These problems have led me to think of positives too though :). I have some plans and ideas to carry out some dreams which I had from as a kid and I am gonna make them a reality still on the planning sketches though and ill let you know about it very soon. :)

Well I might be bankrupt but I will survive this tide and fingers crossed of getting my salary at least this week.

Have a Good Week Everyone :)

Until Next Time


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  Middle Child

7:21 AM

u r not the only one ! Im so broke its hideous ! hang in there ! we all are.

  The Celestial Dream

7:45 AM

heeey Chams,
aiyooo totally know what you mean.....


meh meh I wanna know this little thing your planning :)


  Lady divine

8:30 PM

oh.......i'm broke too men.... what to do.. such are the times...

All the best with the job hunt!


7:38 AM

Middle Child : Yeah its pretty bad na I am doing my best Thank You =)

TCH : Hugs 2 Sis yeah I told u the plan ne lets do it k =) Cheers!! Hugs!!

LD: Yeah I know what you mean Lady D but its really bad ne I can't take it anymore Thanks alot for the Job Hunt Wishes I need it a lot =)

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