Reasons why you should NEVER !!! have Sex with a Committed Girl/ Boy...

Ok most people I know ( guys I mean) are desperate to get laid.I guess its the reaction of the hormones of something that makes guys want to get laid or do something with the ladies whenever they get a chance or opportunity. This situation can be commonly seen mostly among teenagers around the world ( including Sri Lanka) but young adults and adults do it too. I think its ok if you are doing it with your girlfriend or wife( 24/7 , 365) but the problem comes when you stray and do it with a girl who is taken and is married. This post discusses the reasons on why you should never have sex with a girl who has a boyfriend or in the worst case is married. Note that by meaning sex I am covering all the kinds of sex two people can have. (this includes Kissing , Phone Sex , Hard Sex , Random Play , flirting (Yes I think its kinda of a sex you do it with your senses) etc etc etc.(I ain't gonna define everything =))

So what are the reasons here it is.. (Note that this applies to Ladies too the other way around. (change girl with boy) I have written these reasons so they can get an Idea too.)

1.If you do it once, the girl will come back for more.They don't care what happens to you they only need the pleasure you are giving cos they are sick of their boyfriends /husbands pleasure they get everyday.

2. They will not come to save you if you get caught to their boyfriends/husbands ( remember the movie "Unfaithful" ?) and they always leave some kinda evidence so their boyfriends/husbands will find out anyway though you will think they won't.

3. If you do it once you won't be able to resist the girl and will all the things in your power to find her back and do it again ( which is again a crime and could lead to allegations of rape or murder..)

4. Its a freaking sin you morons find a girlfriend and do it don't do it with another ones girl. YOU CANNOT FALL IN LOVE WITH A GAL WHO BELONGS TO SOMEONE ELSE !!

5. They are soo many fish in the sea. Why do u want to do it with a girl who belongs to someone else? your partner will come when you need her to so just BE PATIENT !!.

6. "Sex is just Pleasure Love is what that Matter "" remember that when you next time think of having sex with a girl who is taken.

7. Sex is caused by negativity , frustration , anxiety and loneliness if you think Sex can solve that problem ITS WRONG !!! YOU ARE DEAD WRONG !! and if you think you can do it with any girl has a boyfriend, then YOU ARE 100 PERCENT DEAD DEAD WRONG!!

So there you go some reasons why you should NEVER think of having Sex with a girl who is committed or married. Its unethical and against the law and as I said once it could lead to minor problems and consequences.

Control your Emotions... Do a favor to yourself and to others and find a Girlfriend or a Boyfriend you trust to do it. Sex is the culmination of trust and love and if you are not doing it without these two essential vital ingredient well I can say only one thing

May God Have Mercy On your Beloved Souls !!

This post was done just for awareness purposes and it is not written to offend anyone. Its a problem I see in this world ( and in Sri Lanka) today so thought of writing about it so everyone get to know about it.

Let me know what you think..Any Comments are Accepted cos I am open to anything and this post I am sure will cause a stir among every blogger in the Sri Lankan Blogsphere.=) Cos I know most people cannot live without it. whats it? SEX !!!

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3:54 PM

This is simply wrong.
You just can not impose these as 10 commandments and expect world to follow.
And that unethical part? what exactly is that?


6:35 PM

Who fucked your girl, loser?


8:01 AM

Blogger friend: Mate doing itself is unethical every religion condemns it
doing something like this by giving your emotions take control of yourself is like trying to shoot at yourself for fun though you know that a real bullet is loaded in the gun.. I don't want the world to follow this I just made them aware of this

"I Report.. You Decide.. =)"

JM: I don't have a girl in the first place mate so your point is invalid and if I did have a girl I would be doing her happily every hour every day and every night without going after another guys gal who is desperate to have some new toys to play with
First understand the meaning of the Post before commenting like a Loser.. =)


4:29 PM

I report you decide should be corrected as we report you decide, used and copyrighted by Sirasa. heh he...

Leave that to itself,

and tell me,
why we should accept it as unethical, because every religion condemns it? because its written in the books, or what? it seems you have lost the flow of the argument.
And you know the where the real problem lies? just repeating things without convincing yourself. If a girl of someother just spread her legs and invite you, would you say NO? I won't. So, let's just stop fooling ourselvs because there was a bunch of Jews who smoked too much weed wrote a book. That doesnot mean you have to follow it.


7:46 AM

Blogger Friend: Well Mate its just about controlling your emotions right? I mean will you do it if a girl do the spread thing you say and says to do it if you know she has a boyfriend or a husband?? well as you asked me I WON'T cos I am a person who thinks about other people and I don't like it happening to me

If you have self discipline and if you know what's wrong and right you will never do such a thing cos its love that matters not the fun and the fuck we can get cheaply almost anytime

But I guess it still happens na so I guess we are both right in a way

and its not copying Sirasa mate LOL!


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