Where is the Love ?


A dark day for Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Cricket

A dark day for Sports

A dark day for Pakistan and its quest to evacuate terrorism

A dark day to the world

When will this rot end? When will Peace be permanent and the blood shedding will stop?
I guess we have no answers for these questions now.. I think an answer will not be found forever.

My thoughts are with the Families of the Sri Lankan Cricket Team, I am so glad they are safe and got away with minor injuries. Hope they will recover soon.

My thoughts are also with the brave Pakistani Soldiers who protected our team from the worst while giving their lives.. May you all Rest in Peace!.

Let us all Pray for Our Teams Safe Return .. Let us Pray for our Country and our Brave Forces who are Protecting us.. Let us Pray for the World.. and Hope we will get some Peace very very Soon..

I got nothing else to say at the moment cos I am still Shocked with today's happenings..

I'll end this post the way I started by asking one question..

Where is the Love????

Until Next Time


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8:02 AM

I have no idea Chami...

But let's spread it. here's a HUGE HUG!



8:05 AM

Celestial : Yeah Sis I guess that's all we can do na HUGE HUG 2 U 2!


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