Buddhism .. A Teaching of Negativity ??

I am a Buddhist by Birth and a Devoted Buddhist too. I love my religion and I am glad I was born as a Buddhist because it has taught me a lot of lessons in life and to find true happiness whenever troubles and sorrows have come through.

BUT sometimes, sometimes.. I get these doubts about the teachings of Lord Buddha I know its a sin to have doubts but as a person who always try to find the reason behind every thinking rationally I thought of blogging about some of the things I really don't understand.

Once I attended this sermon and this Buddhist Monk was telling us that Buddhism is a religion that tell you how to make your afterlife (life after death) a joyful one filled with prosperity and never ending happiness(which in the end comes down to Nirvana). I agree with that point too, but the point I don't understand is do we have to sacrifice everything we are doing now to get this eternal happiness? Should we live a negative life by not doing the things we love and enjoy in doing life just to have a happy afterlife ?

I was in doubt when I again during a sermon another Monk explained that Lord Buddha's teachings doesn't say that you should NOT STOP DOING the things you want to do in life. BUT you should do it AT A LIMIT. I agree with that point too but again
What is the Limit ? Can we as Normal Human Beings identify a limit for the things we like to do in life??

Most Buddhist's I know finds it very difficult to live according to the 5 main Sil quotes ( Pan Sil) and this is because as normal human beings we do give in to emotions, attachments and relationships we live with. When you again look at the teachings you see that it means you should detach from these attachments, emotions and relationships as much as you can otherwise you cannot gain happiness.

Can you do that ? I mean as Normal Human Beings can you stop loving your parents and grand parents? stop appreciating and caring for your friends? etc. Can you just live alone like a man who is stuck in an elevator that doesn't work but does have a small hole so that they can still breath and survive but gets forgotten by the world ??

One thing is true though. If you commit sins you are gonna suffer through Karma so understanding this is a must if you want to be happy in the end. But yet again if you just stay away from doing the things you love will you gain happiness? Isn't there room for happiness in the normal life at all?

I have seen so many monks who say they are devoted followers of Buddhist just fight for seats in the Bus, or always ask the other followers(who are not monks) to make this kinda food for Alms Givings and not this kinda food etc. Now what would happen to these kinda Monks? will they get "Nibbana" by living a life that they say is the life of Buddhism but reality it is not ? How would small children seeing this would react ? Won't they think its easy to be a monk and get the food and drinks than earning money to get their ends meat ??

I think you will understand now the point I am trying to get across. Its just though we live according to Religion in reality we cannot live according to it 100 percent. We are normal people so it does make sense but when you look at the teachings again every sin has its consequence even if the sin is done with a good presence of mind and to help another person. (ex: A friend stealing a pen and giving to you to write for an exam cos he doesn't have an extra one and nobody is willing to give an extra one even though they have it)

So we can see that some teachings of Buddhism are really hard to understand and sometimes when we look at some teachings it does point to negativity. This can be seen in other religions too but as I don't know about them I will not talk about it here.

I guess we gotta look at the bigger picture and think twice before we do anything in life and relate it to the teaching of our religions ( in my case Buddhism) but as normal human beings can we actually do it everytime? if we don't do it won't we be able to attain the blissful eternal happiness we call "Nibbana"??

This question is a dilemma and I think it would remain to be a question forever.

Whatever said and done I must stress one thing yet again. "I have a no offense against Buddhism or other religions. I am a Devoted Buddhist too and I am Honored and Privileged for being One.."

Until Next Time


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11:19 AM

I didn't get past this line "I know its a sin to have doubts." I suggest you take a closer look at what the Buddha actually taught, instead of what the monks interpret.


5:35 PM

OK before I tell anything else let me tell you about me. I am a Buddhist by birth, but not a follower. I look at all the religions, sort of passively, and so I think I can comment on this without being biased.

First, it is NOT a sin to have doubts. In fact, I think Buddha was the first philosopher (I don't use the world religious leader, for Buddhism is not a religioin, but a Philosophy) that said you should question his teachings if you have the slightests doubt. He said you should never accept things because they appear to be rigth, because someone else tell you (including Buddha himself) or for anything else. Question them, debate them and accept only if you can agree.
If that is not wisdom, what is?

Second, I think you have mixed up Buddhism and the people who practice it. I have said this many a time in many places, but will say again. If you look to the core, almost ALL the religion mean to do good to the world, to humans. But it is people who practice them who have misinterpreted them, intentionally or otherwise and that has cause a LOT of disaster in the world - all that in the name of religion. Pretty sad.

Then about that limit thing. Isn't it fascinating. Buddha, even after attaining Nirvana, said that all he can do is just showing the way. It is up to us to walk the path. That is why he never imposed limits. He just showed this is the way, it is up to you to decide the limits, what you should and should not do. You will face the consequences of your actions. Nobody else.

So, I think if you want to it is pretty easy to, umm.. live respecting "Pansil". And Buddha never said stop loving your parents or childern etc. Even he himself did, even after attaining Nirvana.

You just have to balance your life. After all, that is what Buddhism is all about...

  Lady divine

11:04 PM

I'm with N... there's no sin in doubting... He always said don't believe anything till you try it out you know..:)
So there's no sin... doubt and find the truth yourself..:)

  N B

11:17 PM


I am a Muslim who DOES NOT know much about Buddhism except what I have heard from my Non-practising Buddhist friends. If in doubt, Why not you go to an authentic source ? That is your own religious scripture in its purest form? You will find correct answers to your dilemma. I know you will. Don't necessarily have to go by Monks. They are humans who distort facts. It happens in every religion, for instance muslim Moulavis (priests) distort facts about Islam, I don't beleive them. I go back to Quran which has all the answers. Similarly Christian priests distort facts about Christianity. Only way is to return to the Old testament which is the original bible... Similarly you should go to your religous scriptures that has all the solid answers....

Budu Saranai Devi Pihitai :-)


7:08 AM

It is not a bloody sin to have doubts. If you think that way, you don’t understand the least bit about Buddhism. And there is nothing calls Sin in Buddhism either. Karma and Sin is a totally deferent thing. I totally agree with Sachintha.

If you really interested in Buddhism, you should follow NBs most wonderful advice (like your head is on fire). Go back to authentic source, which is in this case YOU. When you find out why the authentic source is YOU, then you will understand a lot.

I always think Buddha is seriously jolly fellow, sit under a tree most of the time, every evening, and chat and crack jokes with anyone who talk to him about anything and having the most wonderful time.

Anyway, one more thing. If you are honored been a Buddhist, you seriously need to understand Buddhism. and if you are so call a "Devoted" Buddhist, You better off following a simple religion that may tell you what to do and not to do. Just a thought. No offence.

P.S: if you learn about other religions, you will understand Buddhism is not religion, even though there are monks who make a religion out of it.


9:10 AM

Guys first of all I Thank You all for you as a group for the great comments.. it helped me to learn a lot and see every view regarding the doubts I had that was expressed in the post. Thank You again =)

2nd let me comment on each individual comments now

N and Lady D: Hmmm well I learned in Sunday's school that doubting in Buddha Damma and Sangha is a sin BUT ONLY if you are not willing to learn about and get rid of those doubts.. I think I am doing it but I guess I have to do more na

Sachintha: Thank You so much for taking time to write your point of view and I agree with you to the 100 percent on all the points you put across as you said correctly I guess the people are the problem and I am kinda messed with it as well with all the sayings of the Monks and not following the real path shown by Lord Buddha hmmm I should think of my approach again I think .. I am sure i will be able to do that thanks again for the awesome comment =)

N B: Thank you mate for the comment I never realized that view until you showed it to me BUT u see its hard to see the book these days.. I mean just check out the books we have about Buddhism today
most of them got wrong things and even the sermons and its meanings are also wrong they misinterpret the teachings of Buddha so its really hard to rely on them as well
But i should get hold of tripitakaya somehow its teachings cannot be changed by anyone and I think I will be able to find the real truths about my religion through that
Thank you for pointing that out to me =)

Sam : Interesting comment Mate I do understand some points you have told but telling Buddha is a jolly fellow who just cracked jokes every evening with people is totally wrong.. I am assuming if that you are not a Buddhist if you are you won't say that to Lord Buddha cos he never cracked Jokes he spread wisdom to people who needed his help and guidance and he was there to help people understand life and its true meaning not to just waste time and have a ball under a tree and all

And I also think every religion is complicated if you go deeper in to their meanings and sayings they have their own definitions but when it comes to understanding them correctly it takes time and not even a devoted person or a Monk can do it easily..

But I agree with you and Sachintha's point on Buddhism is not a religion its just a path for us to follow if we want we can follow if we don't want to we can wait without doing it
I guess that's the beauty of Buddhism and at the same time that is why it also complicated..

Thank You for the Comment =)

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