The Six List - Reasons Why We Go to the Big Match..

So the Big Match Season is on and Going Wild and hotting up. This week we got the Battle of the Saints and the Battle of the Maroons and Next Week we got the Battle of the Blues.

Did you ever thought the real reasons behind going to Big Matches? Some people might know and some might and the Six List this week gives you the top six reasons on Why We Actually go to Big Matches. Check it out and Let me know what you think =)

Number 6 - To Watch the Match

At Number 6 comes the most least important thing when it comes to going for Big Matches. Watching the Actual Match. MOST people who comes to the Big matches doesn't bother about what is going on the pitch. This can be seen among most lady spectators who doesn't even know what team they should cheer or not (Believe me I have seen that..). Some guys do this too and only cheer when a wicket goes or when some player is getting near a 50 or 100 or the match gets tensed. But there are some people who does watch the match from ball number one and go to watch the match itself. But the Majority doesn't so this comes at number 6 in the list.

Number 5 - To get Leave From Work

Most people don't do this but Some do. Lots of people use the big match to get leave so that go to the match and enjoy it to the max. Some who are not lucky put takes a holiday or go and complain to the Boss "SIR IT'S NOT ANY OTHER MATCH ..IT'S THE BIG MATCH.. PLEASE LET ME GO !!" Most Bosses doesn't give it.. But some do. which makes those employees very happy cos they can go and enjoy the big match to the max without having to work. So this come at Number 5 in the list.

Number 4 - Take your Girl for a Outing and Have a Ball

They say that "A BIG MATCH IS NOT A BIG MATCH WITHOUT THE LADIES.. ". who ever said that its an apt statement cos everytime you go to the big matches you see all thee beautiful girls you have never ever seen before. Its like most of them have been indoors and came out just to see the big match . But do they come to watch the match for real? well its a question cos some do come to watch the match and cheer they brothers and boyfriends, But some come with the dudes who are come to cheer their respective schools. Most of the single guys think that those hot ladies are their girlfriends but most of them doesn't know its not true all the time. Some come on dates so they can make her there girlfriend, and some come just to show they are watching the match but secretly just make out in public. (Oops I shouldn't have spilled that :P) So WHO'S WATCHING THE BIG MATCH NOW?? ??? well I am still watching =D.

Number 3 - To Get Drunk and Get into a Fight if it's Possible

Some people just wait till the big match season arrives so that they can get high and rock the place while dancing to the Papara Bands. The favorite drink that comes out at Big Matches is Vodka with Sunquick and the way they bring the drinks to the ground cannot be mastered through experience and generations. Its ok to enjoy the match though while having a drink or two. But its not good to go beyond limits as if you do the argument, the fist fights and finally the brawls comes out. This mostly happen with a person from the rival school But I have seen it happening between guys in same schools 2. So getting high and also more rarely in the past , more often at present having a fight and getting into a brawl comes at Number 3 in the list.

Number 2 - To Rekindle and Re-unite with old Friends

The big match is all about meeting the old friends you used to meet regularly at school. Most people come down from far away across the world to Sri Lanka just to do this and it does bring back happy memories and the joyous moments of the past that used to be a formality during school days. Its just not meeting friends from your own school but meeting friends from your rival school as well and this is can be seen very well during lunch breaks when everyone comes down to the ground and meet all the friends , give a hug , smile talk about the past and present etc. Its a very very joyous moment and is one of the best things about the Big Match and one of the top 2 reasons I think why people go to Big Matches.

So what is Number 1 ?

Number 1 - To Cheer Your School No Matter What Happens during the Match..

Big matches are all about Pride. People from all walks of life come to the Big Match just to cheer their teams. They don't care that there team is winning or loosing but they are proud and honored to wave their respective college flags, sing their college songs and cheer the hell out for their team when they need it everytime. This is why people really go for Big Matches and that what make Big Matches the real deal and the highlight of the Month of March.. If you love your school you are a fan of the Big Match. And this cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. So this reason is the Number 1 reason Why.. We go to the Big Match.. =).

Until Next Time..


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11:46 AM

1, 2, 3: Oooh yes!
4, 5, 6: May be. But couldn’t find anything better - so I shall nod silently.


8:18 AM

Serendib_Isle :- seems to me mate that you agree with 4,5,6 as well with your silent nod hehe

  Just Me

9:49 AM



8:30 PM

Just Me: :D


9:17 PM

HAHA. I found the ACTUAL match kinda boring. It was dragging :P.. But overall it's just smth fun. Dude, what about the husking before the match, jumping into schools?


10:54 PM

GoddessofVileness: LOL yeah most gals think it is :P oh I remembered that but since its a six list i coudn't include that its at number 7 hehe


12:35 AM

oooh i see DJ on the pic for number two... maybe I've met you at school Disease?


7:08 AM

Anon: hehe yeah maybe maybe hehe nothing better than the Royal Thomian na Mate =)


8:30 AM

anivaaa! best time of the year! btw, we've trashed royal at the mini battle i hear... gonna be a good one this time! hopefully it won't rain again, although i'm do enjoy sliding on the muddy carpets if it does! haha ;D


8:32 AM



8:59 AM

Anon:True man it seems the rainy season has come to haunt our match again but whatever happens its gonna be a cracking time =D let hope for the best :)


6:02 AM

Machang, the courteous thing to do when putting up other ppl's pics is to get their permission.

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