What Would U Do ?

If you got two choices and don't know what to do and which one you should make..

First Choice

"Work like a dog.. do your Studies well... earn a hell of a lot of Money.. Sacrifice all the Joys and Pleasures that is offered to you at Present and wait till you are Secured to Party , Enjoy Life.. "


2nd Choice

"Party and Enjoy life like Nothing.. without thinking about Work , Responsibilities and Commitments..Thinking we have to do these things cos Life doesn't offer you 2nd Chances and in the end be Sad cos you didn't do anything Productive in Life.. "

What would you do? what choice would you take? I think you cannot take any of the choices but has to do both at a limit. but what is the limit? you are bound to go to one of the two choices full on right?

Life is such a complicated one and when you think of these kinda of things it brings you headaches... hmmmm

For the Moment I am gonna go with the first one. But I guess I cannot sacrifice the 2nd choice too after all life is there to Enjoy right? and as my motto goes "Enjoying the Moment" is the way to go I guess. =)

Have a Good Week Ahead Everyone :)

Until Next Time


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8:45 PM

its all about finding that balance between the two extremes.
You cant work yourself to death - & never give your body time to relax - cz @ the end of the day your body will lose it and go nuts on you.
I guess its up to the individual to find out how best to balance out work and play... because it's different for everyone.

  Lady divine

11:22 PM

Looks like Blackexists has spoken for me..:)
it's all about maintaining a balance between all..:)

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

7:52 AM

No more words be spoken.. BLACKEXISTS has done so already... its abt balancing both and taking what comes along the wy...


9:30 AM

BlackExists: Yep I Absolutely Agree Black guess the trick is to find the balance itself na I am trying hope it works out Thank you for the Awesome Advice =)

Lady D : Its like what Lord Buddha said na Lady D Balance in everything you will succeed =)

Lost Soul : Damn its good to c u again mate =D and I agree with you 100 percent gonna take it as it comes and see what will happen =)

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