The Beauty of a Bus Ride..

You wait eagerly.. as the bus comes to the stop
You get on quickly.. cos it makes quick stops
Hang on to the handle.. hoping for the best
You get in to the bus...with a breath of relief

Then you search.. search and search more
For an empty seat... so u can site and go
If you are lucky.. there will be one for you
Else stand near one.. hoping one would go

While on the ride.. you see a lot of sights
Some People quiet, Some talking all the time
You see that pretty chick..k flirting on phone
And the middle aged man.. trying to listen to it all

The Conductor comes.. asking everyone to go back
Cursing everyone.. who pays more than the bus fair
Suddenly.. the driver decides to break
The cursing continues.. its a big big mess

Finally you get a seat.. and you try your best to relax
But then someone sits next to you.. and take half of that space
The cursing continues.. but you put on a pretty smile
But when the traffic heats up.. the smile become a sigh

You see the odd couple... which bring you lot of thoughts
Damn that bustard is lucky.. to have such a pretty fawn
you think about that.. and think about your state
Then again the driver breaks.."DUDE get it over already??"

The heat is on.. and your shirt is sticking to your skin
The crunch is on.. and the space is limiting
The place to get down... is near not far
But you are stuck in the middle.. "DAMN !that door is so far.."

You push everyone while ..getting cursed by the ladies
You trample legs.. saying to everyone "SORRY!".
You finally get to the Door.. as the Driver Breaks again
But you ain't Mad Now.. cos your ride is over for the day

So you see now what a bus ride does.. It teaches you many things
Patience, Silence and so many things.. including Flirting skills
You might ride a Ferrari.. you might ride a Roles Royce
But nothing can match the beauty and joy.. A Bus Ride "ALWAYS" brings

Until Next Time


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