If Bloggers were Super Heroes...

Have you ever wondered how our blogger friends would look like if they were Super Heroes ?. Well Check out what I did below and see it for yourself.. Enjoy!! =D.

The Dark Side



Lady Divine



The Whackster

Goddess of Vileness

My P

The UnSpoken



All the creations were done with Marvel.com and Hugo.com which enables you to create your own Super Heroes.

PS: Remember Always "With Great Power comes Great Responsibilities"

Until Next Time


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12:23 PM

lol how cool do i look?? hahaha... and wow, sabby is kinda hot ;) :D


12:26 PM

Awww it's cute, Disease!

And why is Whacky wearing a dress?! =P


12:31 PM

Well, you are mighty smexy yourself, Dark one...with the muscles and guns and all! =P


7:53 PM

I think I love Lady D the best. This is so awesomely cool. xD U get link love from me for this. Really N1 Disease

  Lady divine

8:04 PM

OMG! I look so GOOD! Thanks so much!!!!!!!! :)
This is super cool!!!

  Lady divine

8:06 PM

btw, Goddess of Vileness looks very HOT and like she can belly dance too..;)
and WHERE the hell are YOU in this?


8:41 PM

COOL!!! and yes.. where r u??


9:04 PM

haha dude i wish i could have my hair like that now!


9:04 PM

Dude that's COOL!
But me with a dog? Impossible! :P


9:18 PM

teehee! jerry is BIRDMAN!!! :D
lol.. and something seems wrong with mine! :S hehe
anyways thanks disease!


9:20 PM

actually i wish i was holding a whip in the pic :D lol!!!


4:32 AM

Why do I look gay O.o

NOT happy



  Just Me

7:07 AM

Niiiice I especially like Gehan's Lady D's Sabby's & Whacky's!!

XoXo :)


9:05 AM

ohmaizod!!! I LOOK FANTASTIC!! *vain moment*

thank u D!! :D


9:09 AM

HAHAH.. That's soo coooool. And thanks for the whip. I can now smack all the annoying people on their backs :)


10:32 AM

hehe Glad you liked your Super Heroes Guys I really happy that my Poya Day Holiday didn't went on waste and helped to bring a smile to all of your faces :)

@Gihan and Sabby: Your Welcome Guys you seem to make the perfect team beauty and mystery :D

@Lady D and Tash: Your Welcome :D I did one for myself will reveal it soon Guys :)

@Jerry :Don't look like it that way mate hehe just imagine you don't need read bull you got wings forever and can fly anytime you want :P :D

@Black : hmmm I was wondering when I look at it the 2nd time today that your character was not right so I changed it hope you like the new look =D ( I didn't get any whips for you but got some Black Magic so you can do anything with it :D)

@Sachintha : That's a Wolf Mate I am sure you like to have one as a pet na ?rather than a dog ? :D

@The Whackster: Well you can man remember you are a super hero u can do anything you like even grow hair like that :D

@Just Me: Thank You Sis glad you liked it :D XOXO !!

@DC : Your Welcome Dee Glad you like it :D

@Goddess of Vileness: haha that was the idea when I gave you the wip at the first place :D


8:34 PM

lol.. lovin it! atr least I gots da mAgIk!!! :D hawhaw!!! :D thanks babe!


10:38 PM

you know what? i just might do that!


10:42 PM

Wolfs, dogs... they all the same...

Btw, just noticed... Sabby looks SCARY!
Maybe Jerry has a point! :P

  Rhythmic Diaspora

12:38 AM

Nice one D, in real life I am a bit more muscular though!


10:53 AM

Oooh 0.o Ze girls all look hot :P and Sabby is hot anyways :D ...


9:31 AM

@Black : Hell Yeah! Black Magic Woman is "Black" :P Your Welcome Black Glad you liked it :D

@the Whackster : hehe KOOL!! man do upload a pic when u do ok Cheers! :D

@Sachintha: LOL !! in a way mate in a way and and yeah Sabby got the looks and the wiles doesn't she ? :D I still don't see the thought about Jerry though maybe its the smile that is bringing this thing up hehe

@RD: Your Welcome RD and don't wory your muscular part is still there its just covered with the cloak :D

@HJ : lol well 3 Cheers for the ladies then as well as for the guys H.. H.. H...:D

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