The Six List - What We Can Learn from the 130th Battle of the Blues...

130th Battle of the Blues.. A Classic Match that happened over the past week and created history as one of the most extraordinary big matches ever and being it between two celebrated schools in Sri Lanka made it more sweeter and it also bought a smile to my face too in the end :D.

Anyways I am not gonna talk about the Match. I am gonna talk about the things you can learn from it.The Six List this time is dedicated to those lessons and I hope they will enlighten you just like it enlightened me :)

Number 6 - Being Negative at the Start of Anything Can result in Negative Results

At the start of the Match the Thomian Captain won the toss and elected to bowl first in perfecting batting conditions at the SSC. Most thought it was a negative approach and in the end it did gave the team Negative results as Royal piled on around 330 runs and took the Thomians down to 54/4 during the close of Day 1.

What could have happened if Thomians batted first? well I am not a fortune teller but by the looks of things it would have been the same situation the Royalists.
So there you go that is Number 6 "Never start anything Negative frame of mind cos if you do it will bring you bad results that you never expected to come."

Number 5 - Over Confidence is a Bitch..

If you followed the Match you would have seen that the Thomians were shot out for 99 in their first innings early in the 2nd day. Then the Royalists who did a grand job before this decided to enforce the follow on and make the Thomians bat again thinking that they can get them out cheaply again and win the match inside two days..
NOW THIS IS WHERE THEY WENT WRONG !!! They were over confident of winning the match easily and UNDERESTIMATED the Thomians.. the End Result ?? well I guess I don't have to tell you..
Over Confidence comes to any guy or team naturally when they are in the winning side or position and thinks it will last forever and their opponents will never fightback. This is where most people and teams go wrong and in the end loose everything even the winning position they had before. So this is Number 5 "Never be Over Confident about anything cos If you do.. you would get blind.. and everything will start treating you like a Bitch which in the beginning treated you like Angels "

Number 4 - Don't Miss your Chances You will Cry About them Later If you Do

This is a lesson that the Royalists had to learn in a very harsh harsh way. During the Thomian second innings they dropped two catches which proved to be vital in the end cos those catches were given by the two centurions who steered the Thomians to safety. The Royalists didn't think it would cost them much till the end where the Thomians slowly and surely began to save the game.

Chances in life just like cricket doesn't come twice. When it comes you got to take it with both hands otherwise you will miss them and would have to regret it later. And you cannot blame someone else for ruining your glory ( just like the Royalists blaming the Umpires ) cos you ruined it yourself at the first place. So "Don't MISS YOUR CHANCES" and this comes at Number 4.

Number 3 - Don't rely on Seniors Only Do your Part to Make a Difference

This a lesson we learned from the young 15 year old wicketkeeper in the Thomian Team. During the 2nd innings of the Thomians he came into bat with the Thomian Opener F. Saleem who was already their scoring a hundred and steering his team to safety. Suddenly Saleem was out and the young wicketkeeper(S.Peiris) had only the bowlers to play with and steer his team to safety. How well did he do that ? he pushed the lead from 70 odd runs to 190 with the help of the bowlers and it end the proved to be a gem of an innings cos that score was difficult for Royal to get in the end. He also gotta a 50 too but he was focused on his main job.

So what can you learn from this ? People always think that seniors should do the job and they should take the lead when doing anything and you should just stay their helping them out. But is this approach right?? NOOOO ITS WRONG you should be prepared to take the role of your leaders and seniors anytime that's how your personality will come out .. that how you will develop and achieve greater things in life. So there you go Taking responsibilities from Leaders and Seniors and "Making a Difference" comes at Number 3 in the List.

Number 2 - Believe in your Abilities.. It can do Wonders to you

This is a lesson we can learn from the Two Man of the Matches from Both Schools. F. Saleem for the Thomians and K. Perera for Royal. Kusal started the match with a bang and hit an attacking century to bring his team to a strong position and directly put the Thomians under pressure. While Faheem was the Hero for the Thomians as he calmly batted out most of the overs in the 2nd innings and helped the Thomians to enforce a draw which most thought they would loose. What can we learn from both of these unique individuals ?? "Belief in their Own Ability "

Kusal knew he can attack and play well and Faheem knew if he can defend one end it would not easy for Royal to run through the Thomian Batting Order. Both beliefs worked and turned in to Gold to Both teams. So what are U waiting for ?? If you believe in something JUST DO IT don't wait .. cos life is one beautiful thing that gives you freedom to anything you like. But remember your belief should be a strong one otherwise you will just be a victim of circumstances. like Cher said "BELIEVE" and this lesson comes at Number 2.

Number 1 - Never Say Die !!

I guess this is the Most IMPORTANT lesson we learned from the 130th Battle of the Blues and deservedly comes at Number 1. S. Thomas' were down and out in the first day of the match it self reeling at 54/4 but yet they rose from the dead and fought back like warriors fighting a loosing battle and winning it in the end to enforce a draw. Royalists also never gave up piled on the pressure till the very end to enforce a result though they knew its not gonna be easy due the quality of the Thomian's 2nd innings.

This is what life is also all about.. you cannot be down forever. "YOU GOTTA STAND UP.. FACE YOUR FEARS AND FIGHT THEM OFF" . NEVER SAY DIE TILL YOU DIE and if you do that you will achieve greater success in life and become a greater human being respected by all and hurt by none :).

Hope you like the Six List this week.. Let me know what you think :) and yeah Congrats to Both Teams to making the 130th Battle of the Blues the best big match of 2009. :)

Until Next Time


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6:44 PM

aaaaand, accept the end result! don't act like a bunch of baboons when your side cannot win. I thought the Royalists did a very poor job of controlling their anger, both on and off the field. Or maybe it's just my way of looking at things... :)


7:48 PM

I loved this post, disease, very enlightening. Good stuff!!


8:54 PM

Wow, you actually watched/paid attention to the match??!! :)

  N B

11:10 PM

Hah ha... Nice lessons... :-)


8:21 AM

@Chavie : Yep that's an important lesson too I am gonna talk about Anger Management in a later post stay tuned and check it out k cos I am gonna include this example in that post =)

@PassionatelyPatient : Thank You PassionatelyPatient =) I m really happy that you loved the post =D

@T: hehe yeah and that too without going to the Match =)

@ N B: Thank You Man glad you liked it =)


1:56 PM

why don't you drop into the match next year? you might find you enjoy it more than analysing it from the side lines.


3:00 AM

@chaarmax: Very True Mate well I couldn't go this time but I know how it goes Been there done that and Hopefully will go Next Year =D


5:56 AM

Been there done that, is not an excuse for the Big Match. Every year is an experience worth living!

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