If Our Bloggers were Famous... : )

Well I did this to friends in Facebook so I thought of doing it to my Blogger friends as well. This are the first people who are famous that comes to my mind when I think about my/our fellow bloggers. Check it Out and let me know if there's any similarities...

Enjoy!! =)

Gehan is Elton John

Well FORGET the gay part Sir Elton John is one of my favorite singers and the best Pianist I have seen in my life so far. I think Gehan is the best piano playing blogger I have ever met and also he can sing Awesomely well 2 and reminds me of Elton John whenever I see his music videos. :)

Sabby is Julia Roberts

From what I know from her Blog Sabby seems to be one of the hottest bloggers around when it comes to looks and she got eyes fitting for a Beauty and when it comes to Beauty I couldn't think of Julia whom I think is the most Most Beautiful Actress in Hollywood. I am sure Sabby got the looks like her too so Whenever from now on when I talk with Sabby it will be Julia that she will remind me of :).

Sachintha is Kumar Sangakkara

Sachinitha is a high octane Cricket Fan and when it comes to Cricket I cannot think of anyone else that reminds me of Sach than Kumar Sangakkara I have seen his praise to Kumar in the cricket blogs of Kottu and I also think just like Sanga Sach is a simple man too . So Simple Sachintha will always reminds me of Simple Sanga whenever I will read his blog from now on =)

Lady Divine is Princess Diana

Princess Diana was the People's Princess and Lady Divine it the People's Lady when it comes to blogs. I know that Princess Diana has passed away but I think she has come back in the form of Lady Divine and the way Lady D spreads her love and encouragement and positivity to all of us by hiding her own problems and sorrows is just amazing and I couldn't think of a better person than Princess Diana. Lady D is the Princess of our fellow bloggers and will remain the same for many more years to come =).

Jerry is Heath Ledger

Heath was an Awesome Actor.. and Jerry is an Awesome Blogger :) Every little thing he does with his blog is magical and his jesting and humor is no 2nd to the Joker portrayed by Heath Himself in the Dark Night. I don't know about the looks but Jerry has the style of the Joker of the Dark Night and will remind me of him and more Importantly Heath Ledger whenever I read his blog cos like Heath Ledger and his acting Jerry and his blogging cannot be ever touched by anyone else :).

Black is Halle Berry

Halle Berry is one of my favorite Actresses and Black is one my favorite bloggers. She got this very unique way of writing and can write about anything really well just like Halle does when she is acting. Also Halle is an Oscar Winner just like Black :). So Black will remind me of Halle whenever I read her blog and I am sure she has the looks just like Halle though I have never seen her for real yet :)

The Whackster is Rudyard Kipling

Mr.Rudyard Kipling is one of my favorite poets and The Whackster is my Favorite poet on blogger :). Just like Kipling he can write poetry in the most natural way and come up with something that is sooo amazing. Mr. Kipling had some awesome books with really awesome English and I think the Whackster's posts also match those skills and quality. So I couldn't find a better match for him and I am proud to be thinking of Mr.Kipling whenever I read the Whackster's blog again =).

Lost Princess is Penelope Cruz

She is the only lady blogger I have met for real and I think she has the most unique similarity to Penelope Cruz. I am sure if you see her you will feel the same :). Penelope won an Oscar this year and Lost Princess also won an Oscar 2 :) so she reminds me of ( I think she already know hehe) Penelope Cruz whenever I relate her to someone famous :).

The Unspoken is Miley Cyrus

From what I read so far from her blog The Unspoken is an All rounder and she is also talented just like Miley. I m sure she will reach higher grounds in success in life just like Miley and also smiles like Miley too :). So the Unspoken is Miley Cyrus all the way :).

Finrod is Metallica

I know he LOVES metal and is a big fan of Metallica so whom else to set him up other than the lead man of Metallica himself? :). So there you go Finrod is rocking the house with Metallica :).

Dee is Karina Kapoorr

I don't know if Dee is a Hindi Movie Fan but all her style of talking and personality fascinates me and reminds me of every bit of Karina Kapoor. She is an Awesome Actress and Dee is an Awesome Blogger and I am sure there is no vast difference in looks and style as well. I couldn't find a better match and Dee is Karina in my Mind :).

Queen of Vileness is Scarlett Johansson

Why ??
Queen of Vileness has this Uncanny resemblance to Scarlett whenever I read her blog. I am sure she is pretty just like Scarlett :)and also got that mystery which is stated in her name and can be seen in Scarlett's eyes. So Queen of Vileness is Scarlett Johansson for me :)

PassionatelyPatient is Lucy Liu

Well I saw her pic in her blog and if it's really real i am damn sure she looks like Lucy :). Her eyes are soo similar to her so I think this is the perfect match. :)

Chavie is Nick Jonas


Being the 18 year old kid he is I couldn't think of anyone better than Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers which really suites Chavie. These guys are famous rich and wild and get the ladies wanting them like hell. I am sure Chavie wants to be like that too someday so here's the start Nick Jonas is Chavie :)

N B is Arbaaz Khan

Just like his blog shows N B has the Influence of Arbaaz Khan and I am sure he looks like him 2 :). N B is a wicked blogger and Arbaaz got style as an Actor so I guess this the perfect match for N B when looking for someone famous that resembles him.:)

RD is
Robert De Niro

Why ??
Just see the resemblance , RD is RD :) For me Robert is the most celebrated actor of all time. He acts as the father figure in Hollywood and his acting is matched by none. when it comes to our own RD its the same situation and he recently celebrated his 3 years in blogging which also gave us joy and happiness. So this my tribute to you RD you are Robert De Niro to us in Blogging :)

Until Next Time

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5:27 PM

Dude, I'm like Sanga? WOW...
No complaints being compared with King Kumar!

WOW so Sabby is a hottie? Hmm haven't seen her, but yeah I can tell...

And can't agree more with LD and RD. Perfect...

Still man, you said Gehan is Gay and Jerry is a drug addict! :P


7:14 PM

Awwwwww Chamii....

Thanks men,

hehe I love all the other's too. They seem to fit the bill perfectly, except for Gehan, he aint gay and Hmmm Heath Ledger was not a druggie. He just had insomnia. From a person with insomnia, I know I what its like :(


thaaanks men


Lost Princess


8:37 PM

hey thanks bro! a jonas brother eh? wish i was that good looking though... ;) lol


9:15 PM

and no comments abt the 'wild' part ;)


9:31 PM

miley cyrus! :) thanx!


10:21 PM

lol this is hilarious... :D


10:35 PM

heath ledger is hot, druggie or not, and halle berry is THE SEX!! :D hehe thanks disease - sweet of you!

Bu who would you be???


11:00 PM

Btw, we don't have an Angie or a Jessie in SL blogsphere?
Too bad, those are my two favs! LOL...

  Lady divine

5:30 AM

you really do come up with some cool stuff!!!!!!!!! I think i'm one of the older ones after Whacky's Mr.Rudyard Kipling..:)

thanks for the lovely description!!!:)

u r sooooooooooo sweet!!!!!:)


6:29 AM

Awww Disease, thats so sweet. I am really really flattered. Poor Ms Roberts though! =)

@ Sach. Cheee. That Simpson bimbo wouldn't know how to blog to save her life and you actually expect someone to be compared to her?! =P


9:59 AM

damn man i really dont know what to say.. except that im truly flattered/honored. watch out now i may get all big headed over this! rudyard kipling!


5:32 PM

Jeez... how would you even imagine it's Simpson?

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

12:37 AM

on a roll ah?!?!?

been sometime seeing around the blog??


3:11 AM

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




9:54 AM

@Sachintha: LOL your welcome man hehe and no no I didn't meant Jerry was Gay lol I think he is Versatile just like Heath =) and Gehan lets forget the gay part ok hehe Gehan hehe but Music wise I don't think he is 2nd to none and even better than Elton John =D
Also there's is Jessica Alba Mate I searched and searched and found a match and its GutterFlower =D

@Celestial: hehe Your Welcome Sis Anytime :) Hugs XOXO !!

@Chavie: Your Welcome Bro =) oh just forget the wild part :P

@Tash : Your Welcome Tash :D

@Gehan : =D

@Black: hehe Glad u liked it Black =D Perfect match I think =) well I really cannot figure out whom I would be yet..for the moment its Robin Williams =D

@Lady D: hehe Thank You Lady D and no probs as I said you are the Princess for our bloggers and the People's Lady Divine =D

@Sabby: Your Welcome Sabs u really got her eyes though seriously it's a perfect match =D

@TheWhackster: Your Welcome Man and U Deserve it =D

@LostSoul : hehe yeah Bro Good to Hear from you after a long time.. Hope u r Doing Good =D

@Clover: Thank You Sarah =D


1:37 AM


I didn't think it was possiblea but my ego just got bigger!


7:09 AM

@Jerry : hehe Awesome Mate =) I guess this is the most suitable one for u I couldn't find anyone better for u than Heath =)

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