Just a Thought..

If you are ever feeling down, sad or neglected
If you think that no one seems to care about you.. and the whole world is against you..
Always follow your heart.. and you will realize...
That you got a best friend who will never leave you..
And that friend is "You!"

Until Next Time


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  Just Me

11:25 AM

Aawww Chami

thats true i gess

HUGS but we are always here for you ok?




8:05 PM

So what do I do if myself and I disagree all the time?! We fight alot! =S

But it's very sweet, Dis and most of the time, true too =)


8:39 PM

its true - but i agree with sabby - sometimes im my own worst nightmare. And when ur down thinking positive is really hard.


9:33 AM

@Just Me: I know Sis u have always been there for me that why I respect you sooo much :)
Hugs Hus 2

@Sabby : hmmm well when u fight it always gives you an answer right Sabs? and most of the time that answer is correct and shows you the right path =)

@Black: I agree Black when u r down its really hard but sometimes u just have to give it first priority and u know it gives u the right answers :)

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