Appreciate your Fellow Bloggers.... Please !

Well this was a post I didn't want to write in the first place but I thought I should do this in sake of our blogsphere and our bloggers whom I consider as one family knitted together through the magic of words.

Quite recently I have noticed some awesome blog posts from our bloggers. Some really creative , some really sweet and nice , some filled with anxiety, depression , hope , love and happiness and also some that in the end turned outs to be controversial. (Just ask me about that I know what it's all about)

Whatever the post maybe.. Whatever the bloggers express through their blogs.. its there to read and appreciate it. BUT some people (I think you know who you are) does not understand this and tries to create drama by posting comments that are totally rude , nasty and totally uncalled for. I have seen this happen so many times in our blogsphere and today I thought to take a step on it since I want to see it END and END FOREVER..

Why do you want to be rude to other bloggers ? why can't you appreciate what they have written ? I know that some of the topics that are written by bloggers can be be controversial and personal But why do you have to be rude and insult that person without understanding what that person is trying to say ? At least appreciate there writing for heaven;s sake and appreciate that we got some awesome bloggers that can challenge the writers of the world. By your pathetic nonsense you are just scaring them away.. and by doing that you are just harming them and really I think, you are also leaving your identity as a Sri Lankan and our being some egoistical fools who cannot appreciate the art of writing and the meaning behind that.

You can always tell the blogger politely that you think the posts are too personal right? If you don't like the posts just don't comment on them or even don't try to read them at the first place. Cos people like you are NOT WELCOMED here and I think is a piece of garbage to this blog community.

Please Please Appreciate your fellow Bloggers.. Please do not drive them to tears and make them go away from our blog community.. I urge you to keep your bad and nasty comments to yourself.. Don't be a virus and drag this blogsphere to the pit. Remember we are all Sri Lankans so let's stick together and love our blog community
cos as I said we are one big family and just one bad apple is enough.. to tore that family into bits and pieces.

Please Stop this Mess.. I urge you..and this is just a Polite Request..

"Stop the Hating.. & Spread Some Love.."

Until Next Time


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8:49 PM

Dear Disease,,

Thank you "Disease" ...

as you know my blog (passionatelypatient's blog)has been removed permanently as they have reported me to Wordpress and got them to do the needful. Even though I don't exist anymore and have been forcibly ousted from the blogsphere, I want you to know that I appreciate sincere, sweet and honest bloggers like you who have a heart and are able to discern right from wrong.

Thank you for being who you are.

Keep writing ... I will read your blog from time to time because it's always good to know that there is an honest, GOOD human being behind the words you see. - something that is sadly lacking in this world of ours today : (

You take care my (once) fellow blogger...
Love and Good Luck


9:06 AM

@PassionatelyPatient: Dear PassionatelyPatient Thank You for the Comment.. and thank you all your wishes and praise I am really humbled and honored about it all =)
I know u had a rough time with the blogging lately but remember you are a good writer keep on writing don't stop it cos u gotta talent.. a natural talent when it comes to writing =)

Hope to hear from you soon PassionatelyPatient

love and good luck too =)



8:41 PM

I hope you like my new blog.
Lots of love always,


12:57 PM

@PP:- Dear Passionately Patient,
I DO love your new blog.. it's really nice an awesome and I am glad u r writing again =) do keep on posting your faithful reader will always read your blog no matter what =)

Love Always =)



10:16 PM

Dear Disease,

please could you e-mail me back all my posts (the ones I sent you) to

Would love to see them again so I could build them up in a new blog once again.



1:45 AM

i'm sorry Disease, not hotmail


3:59 AM


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