Dear Emotions, I HATE YOU !!

As I once wrote in this post called Emotional Freak. Emotions have taken a toll on me yet again its really hard you know to keep these emotions inside me and live with them. But, I am doing my best to keep those emotions in control and stop letting them affect my life and ambitions.

Today I thought of talking about Emotions in general. To start off, I got two questions. Why do we need them? Can't we live without them ? I just feel that emotions were given to human beings to let everyone else know how you feel. But what would u do if a whole lot of freaking emotions come to at once and make u feel awkward..? gives you freaking headaches and makes u go crazy ?? I believe that it's not good for you or for the ones whom you care, love and share your life with.

You smile and laugh loudly when something good happens to ya. You cry your heart out when something bad happens. .you get mad and angry when things doesn't go your way.. and sometimes you don't know what to feel cos things happen without your control and bring bad results to yourself (ex: How about your name getting printed wrong in your driving license and its just one letter missing there ?? what do u feel ?? what would you do ??)

This is when I begin to love the song "Like a Stone" by AudioSlave.. I know its not really about emotions but it does tell you that you don't move.. I kinda don't wanna move now and wanna live like a stone.. So I don't feel anything.. and can be happy cos nothing would affect me.

I guess emotions arrive to us through the attachments we make in life.. The more we get attached to people the more we get emotional.. and the more we drift away.. the more we get hurt and get bloody messed up with all those emotions... also we cannot live alone in this world .. which makes Living like a Stone practically unsuccessful and just a fruitless thought..

Still we got Emotions.. and I don't think it will never go away.. this is why I love to end this post with the title of this post which ironically also states an emotion.

"Dear Emotions, I HATE YOU !! "

Until Next Time

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3:46 AM

hehe! saying you 'HATE' emotions is kinda ironic, noh?? :D

and I know - sometimes i wish i didn't feel anything either, cz it's just pointless. But then I think of the good things in life, and if i wasn't able to feel good emotions I know life would suck.
so when it comes to emotions it's love/hate with me :)

btw - thanks for the new year wishes men! :) i appreciate it :)


9:21 AM

@Black : hehe yeah it is ironic Black :D and I agree I also want to be happy that is the only emotion that I like at the moment the problem is being happy always is soo difficult cos things just come up from thin air and makes your emotions all messed up as u said its a mix of love and hate and I guess its life na :)

PS: I wished Everyone Black and I couldn't leave without wishing you na :) that's why I wished you 2 :) I am sooo glad you are back Black
looking forward to read your blog again YAY !!! :D

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