The "System"... Why ??

As a guy I have always wondered why guys are attracted to girls. I know its kinda crazy but I always wondered why it happens naturally and no matter how you try to resist that attraction,It always comes to u.. sometimes as a blessing.. sometimes as a problem or disaster.

God created Man and Woman for a reason. He created them so that the human existence will be prolonged and will be continued from generation to generation. For this an attraction towards each other is a must. So, he created this thing called attraction and ultimately the thing we call Sex so that his objective can be achieved and the existence of the human race as well the rest of the world would be there forever.

That's what I believe..

BUT what if you are going against this? What if you want to go against the "System" ? What would happen to that person ? Will he/she be thrown out of the society? Will he/she would be disrespected , ignored and thought to be a crazy person who should be put in a mental hospital?

I don't believe that it should NOT happen. cos that person got a point too.

Just think for a moment.. What this whole "System" has done to our lives? We always think about the opposite sex . We always go after love , affection , warmth of a partner so we can be happy and feel loved. But is that the only reason ? If it's only the reason why do we get laid ? why do we have sex ? We can love a person without sex right?

I think this will be a question that wont be answered forever. How much a guy try to avoid girls.. pretend they are not around.. and stop talking or going after them.. It won't last for long and its the same way other way around too. If they don't do this they will use other means such as "Porn" or "Self Service" to keep themselves entertained and carry on with the "System". Cos without the "System" you are nothing.. and If you are going against it.. you are just pathetic..

We say we live in a World of Animals and I guess We are also a part of it.It's not our fault or anyone else. Its just because of the "System".

Until Next Time..


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  N B

12:23 PM

Nice post. Just to let you know you are added to my blogroll. I’ve been a lurker on your blog but finally decided to add. Keep going


1:52 AM

@N B: Glad u liked the Post Mate =) and thank you for adding me and checking out my blog I appreciate a lot =)
Cheers !


7:25 AM

Dearest Disease,

If you checked out my blog, I've been having a hard time ever since I wrote this, with people accusing me of all sorts of things that aren't true! You are the ONLY one - you remain the only one who actually got this post and understood what it was about and for that I thank you.

Sadly, just so I don't hurt anyone, I decided to delete this post once and for all. Just thought I'd leave it with you as it will be leaving the blogsphere. I hope you don't mind.



She was the most arrogant, pushy, obnoxious girl I could have ever met.

When my male friend fell in love with little miss thin at the tender age of twenty two and something, seeing that love was about to blossom out between these two, I took a few steps back and watched these two from a distance as I saw the first buds of a relationship unfold.

Being my friend, he naturally began to miss me but it was too late. She had slid the metal handcuffs swiftly around his wrists and taken over his life. Had I slipped my little nose in, she would have swiped it with the deftness of a butcher and I was not in a position to get myself bruised, as I myself had fallen deeply in love with the perfect man.

As days went by, my friend slipped away from me, but he was always under my watchful eye. Love was blossoming in my own life and the duties of playing girlfriend surpassed my claims to keeping an eye out for my friend. It didn’t take too long though for me to realize that my friend was grossly unhappy.

She was a clingy, needy girl, he said, and he was finding her love to have a claustrophobic effect on his social life. She would crave his attention and he would fall short of being the man she desired him to be. Yet he knew he couldn’t leave her. He was her first love and she had consummated her love with him. Call him the modern man but there was some guilt niggling in the back of his mind as he realized that his stamp on her life had tattooed itself so strongly that she would just crumble, wither and die if he as much as thought of leaving her.

Yet day by day by day it was his intention to come clean with her and tell her that this couldn’t work out. But breaking up isn’t easy is it? Not when you feel sorry sympathy for the woman you’re with. And what was worse than the girl you were mentally and emotionally running away from, telling everyone that you were her bestest friend in the world? How could you have the heart to break that trust and break the heart that was almost forcibly hanging on to yours?

It was only his closest friends (me included) that knew of his dilemma. But soon it became easier to stop feeling sorry for her. You see, the girl had started doing something that unknown to her, was completely putting him off. She in her bid to get his attention, started grossly exaggerating facts and lying to him in an effort to get his sympathy. She would try hard to make him feel jealous but he couldn’t care less. What he did know though was that he was in deep trouble with a psychotic woman who needed to be gently gotten rid of if he was to maintain his own sanity. But what little love he had for her, waned when he realized that she was a possessive and compulsive liar. That was the last straw. No more. He wouldn’t hurt her but no way in hell was he going to stand her hurting him. Not when there was no love left for her in the recesses of his soul.

And then the break came.

A break to enter the land of Ire! Suddenly it seemed like the heavens had been kind enough to intervene and help him end this relationship. He was going to settle in Ireland for sometime and this meant she couldn’t follow him there. He would be dropping her off in Mother Lanka and he would be free to get on with his life without her cranky outbursts. But it wasn’t easy, She had virtually taken full possession of his soul.

She bawled out crying and attempted to take her life. The nastiness of the incident could go into detail but this story stops short of it.

So many years later, she still calls him the bestest friend in his life. But only passionatelypatient knows how much he dreaded her and longed to get out of her clutches alive. Yet none of us including my mate, has the heart to ever tell her that he never considers her to be anything short of a mess of an ex girlfriend that he felt glad to leave behind.

But she continues to dream of him because in her case, she still wants him. Dead – or alive.


He was the second of two boys and they were already famous! They came from a stable background and his elder brother was already known for his skills with the pen. When it came to current affairs, they were both perfectly talented in their exposition of how the world ought to go. Their dad, a humble preacher who was loved and respected by all.

He got married. And what a splendid marriage it was! With choirs singing the strains off musicals, the retinue was garbed in the most unusual of attires and the reason they gave for that was that it was a reflection of how they felt with eachother. Comfortable and cosy, he knew she was too young to know her own mind, but he would settle for her, because he knew that he had truly fallen in love with her the moment she first met him during their school days, for they met at rehearsals when involved in their most treasured shared passion – theater.

But it didn’t take too long for the sadness to creep in. Theirs was a marriage of complete and utter sadness. While they had their good times among friends and their perfect nights of drunkenness with eachother, they both got extremely lonely.

She was like a mother goose, an elder sister and caretaker – a motherfigure to all the young boys that she worked with on productions and he was with his head buried in work, too busy to accompany her on her long trips to trincomalee. She was involved in an alternate spirituality that interested him (for they both shed their christianity and veered off into the world of discovery) and often referred to herself as a white witch while he was just plain and simple go-with-the-flow.

But something about their union seemed pre-cursed for it didn’t take too long for him to realize that he was losing his first love for her.

He performed the ultimate act of sin and cheated on her. Not once, but several times, and she has no one to turn to bar her own friends who she sobbed to and shared the only bit of proof she had – stolen text messages. But what was he to do? It wasn’t that he meant to hurt her. It just happened. It wouldn’t happen again.

And then he fell in love. He fell in love with a girl many years his junior and the reason he fell in love was that he had planted the seed of life in her womb. What was he to do? Where could he turn?

That girl he fell in love with broke down and cried as nosy relatives glimpsed at the horror in her family’s eyes, as they watched their loved one admit that she was carrying his child.

He knew he had done her wrong but there was someone else who had had hurt through all this, and that someone was his wife of 4 years who had stood with him whenever he needed her. But he never meant to hurt her. He didn’t see this coming, he never willfully meant to cause her this pain.

The young girl knew she was up for disaster. No man would take responsilibity. She didn’t expect him to leave his wife. He wouldn’t – he shouldn’t ..

But he did.

Ever since then his wife has been at the mercy of circumstance. She had tried her hardest to get through this. There are times when she wishes she could kill him for all the pain that he has given her. And there are times when she wishes she could just embrace him and have him embrace him back with the same feeling that he used to long before they took their vows.

At the end of the day, she continues to dream of him because in her case, she still wants him. Dead – or alive.


9:54 AM

@PassionatelyPatient :

Dear PassionatelyPatient

Thank You for the post and the comments u left behind regarding your post. I feel humbled by your compliment and at the same time I am sad to hear that some people have not tried to understand the post and just thought about something else..

I am ok with the fact that u left the post on my blog I feel honored cos, as I said I am a fan of your writing and this would be an awesome mark that I would always cherish and keep in my blog =)

Do not let these abnormal people hurt you and prevent you from writing you gotta fan in me and I will always read your blog if I am the only person who is reading it

Cheers and keep on writing =)




12:55 AM

Disease, thank you for hosting this post.

PP, wonderful read - and I wish this is all fiction. If it ain’t, my heart goes out to all those who are misunderstood – it’s not easy being in such situations. Been there, done that.

Anyhow, I do not wish to see you disappear from the blogsphere – this post is also nominated for Cerno’s top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts.

So PP, keep on rolling!


10:59 AM

@Serendib_Isle: My Pleasure Man its an honor to host this Post I love the way PP has written it and I m glad she posted this on my blog =)

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