My New Location From Next Week..

Is Excel World =D.We are shifting to some corner of that place of entertainment and food, to work. It's all good since we got the crowd and we got some privacy from the rest at our current place. The only problem is we have to use the Public Toilet..:S it's not gonna be fun and I am already preparing for that. But every bad thing has a good thing and I am expecting a lot of eye candy though the windows in our office will be tinted due to the perverted minds of my office colleagues =D.

Let's wait and see how things go. Have an Awesome Weekend Everyone =D

Until Next Time


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8:27 PM

Excel world! Wow!!! :D The toilet thing is kinda bad though, those public toilets tend to attract all kinds of nasty germs! But on the brightside, it IS excel world eh? Maybe Cupid is finally on your case bro! ;)

You have an awesome weekend too,
Take care!


7:33 AM

@Chavie: Thank You Bro yeah the Sanitary Situation is the Problem @ Excel World other stuff are all good and I am excited about it 2 :P

Have a Great Week ahead Cheers ! =D

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