It's Time...

To realize my sins .. Become the human being I always dreamed to be...
To let go all the bad things I did so far in life and cultivate the goodness that is still inside me..
To stop relying on others.. To stop loosing my temper.. To stop living the life of a gecko who got no mission in life..
To love the people I care about .. To stop being pretentious and say what I feel about people in a good way without letting my emotions take control of me..
To stop drinking.. to never think about smoking .. to stop going after girls and chicks until the need arise..
To love my family and friends.. to love myself.. to smile always ...
To chase my dreams..
It's Time..

Until Next Time..


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10:59 AM

You will make it Disease ... Lots of Hugs to you and here's to the New You! xxxx


6:19 PM

@PassionatelyPatient: Thank You so Much PassionatelyPatient for your Encouragement =D I appreciate it a lot.. A big Hug back to u 2 =)


7:56 PM

Loving yourself...good line. Self worth is v important. :)

  Lady divine

9:53 PM

and I wish you all the very best with that!!:)

  N B

11:48 PM

Don't stop going after chicks. They are always fun. I mean even the bitchy ones :-)


8:24 AM

@DC: I agree Dee I only realized that a few days ago and I am loving myself more now than before =)

@LD : Thank You so Much Lady D =D

@N B: LOL man that's the reason I stopped going after them at the first place.. they are much more better things to do in life mate =D

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