I WILL... I AM....

I have made some wrong decisions in life and it has come to haunt me in a bad bad way. I have stopped thinking rationally all this time and let my emotions get through and stopped listening to what others had to say and only thought I was right and the rest was wrong..

What was wrong with me ? I don't know.. maybe the pure chaotic situations I had to go under the past year and half is still haunting me..maybe the fact that I am not going out regularly like i used to .. getting stuck in my own world in my own room all the time and being detached from society has taken its toll..

Its time I take a stand.. Its time I make a decision on if I want a be a looser or a winner.. I choose the 2nd option and though its gonna be long winding road with a lot of difficulties and problems I am gonna go on that path and learn to love myself more and care about the other people more just like they care about me..

I might have been a victim of situations a victim of the past.. the change didn't come then BUT the change is coming now though from time to time that horror nightmares that sucked my whole childhood and early days in life tries to drag me over there once again. .I WON'T LET IT DO THAT TO ME.. I WON'T ... I WON'T ... I WON'T..

I don't know what the future holds for me but I know I will succeed in my venture.. and I know my family will support me my friends will support me my loved ones will support me... its a rough ride.. but I AM GONNA MAKE IT THROUGH ...

Until Next Time

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  Charm Bracelet

11:15 AM



Clap Clap!! :)

Good on you!


5:58 PM

Have strength bro! and always follow your gut. If you feel what you're doing is right, chances are you're doing the right thing... People are defined by what the do in the present, not what they did in the past. So don't let the nightmares that dragged your childhood down ruin it for you this time around! all the best bro! :)

  Just Me

12:12 AM

Perseverance my friend. Perseverance. You are one hell of a strong individual, don't let your inner demons take flight!



2:55 AM

@Charm Bracelet: Thank you so much its means a lot to me =)

@Chavie: Thank You Bro for the wishes and encouragement its difficult I know but I am doing my best Thanks Again =)

@Just Me: Thank You so much Sis I am doing my best on that being strong is not easy but i am giving 110 percent to be Strong and let these problems go away.. Thank You for Always being there for me.. =)

Big Hug*

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