Suba Aluth Avruddak Wewa !!

Wish All my Blogging Pals a Super Duper Sinhalese and Tamil New Year =D May All Your Dreams and Wishes Become a Reality with the Eternal Blessings of the Noble Triple Gem..
Have a Brilliant Year Everyone =D

PS : Sabby , here's a treat for you Enjoy !! =D

Until Next Time

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4:22 AM

=O That's soooooooooo meannnnn! And they look so yummy too! =( *sobs*

Happy new year! =)


5:01 AM

@Sabby: Oh I am sorry it upset you Sabs I just gave it as an Avrudu Present for to Me but Don't Worry I didn't get any Mung Kawum this time as well so we r both in the same page =)

Happy New Year to u 2 =D


5:01 AM

Subha aluth avuruddak!


5:09 AM

@DC: Esema Wewa !! =D

  Lady divine

6:08 AM

subama suba nawa wasarak wewa..:)

and i'm so stuffed with all the good food..:)


6:18 AM

@LD: Esema Wewa Lady D =) and yeah I am stuffed too and I am still eating :P =D


8:53 PM

Subha Aluth Awuruddak bro! :) I tried to comment last night, stupid safari crashed! :D hehe

hope you enjoyed some time off during the long weekend? :)


9:13 AM

@Chavie : Wish u the Same Bro no probs with the late Wishes Hope u have a Brilliant Year Ahead as well and Had fun during the long weekend =D
Cheers !


5:17 PM

Suba Nawa Wasarak Wewa!


6:16 PM

@Sachintha: Obatath Esema Wewa =D

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