Love.. Complicated...

Matters of the Heart is always complicated. It gets complicated when it's a situation where two people have fallen in love with one person and both wants that person for themselves. This leaves the person who got two hearts coming after in dilemma where he/she has to choose one cos he can only be with one person in the end.

A friend of mine from Australia called me today asking my opinion and advice regarding a situation that is really close to the above. The only difference is the guy is giving hopes to her and his current girlfriend also knows about this. ( Yep it's a weird situation). The guy has told my friend that if he breaks up with his current girl he will come to her. And my friend was asking me what she should do .. should she wait for him to break up with his current girlfriend or move on..

What I said to her was to do the 2nd one which she is willing to do ( though she doesn't like to do it cos she thinks he is telling the truth when he says to her he loves her very much too) but the guy is not giving up and always keeps on sending her those lovey dovey messages which has stopped her from taking the correct decision and move on.

Why do people do this? why do people don't care about others and think of themselves only? why they want all when they got one ? these were the questions that were running on my head at this time. I really didn't know what to say to my friend but just listen and give her one advice where I said to her "Don't Keep Hopes.. He Won't come back to you again.." ( It is kinda obvious since the guy and his current girlfriend is in Sri Lanka and my friend is in Aussie)

Cupid do some strange things sometimes. They always forget the ones who are single ( best example Me..) but goes and find some innocent soul who has been battered once by some one to get battered again. I know the dude is using my friend as the "spare wheel " but sadly she doesn't understands him and his petty talk has taken over her correct,rational way of thinking..

Love is such a complicated thing.. U don't know where it ends up.. as I end this post I like to say one thing

"Matters of the Heart is Very Complicated.. So Act Wise.. Without Giving into your Emotions.. "

Have a Great Week Ahead Everyone..

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EXACTLY what I'd say :)


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@Dili: =)

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