Yes .. We Are IT People.. BUT Don't Expect us to do Everything....

IT /Information Technology is considered as a subject "ALMOST" to be associated with Computers. The reason I have put the "ALMOST" in inverted commas, bold and italics is with very good reason,cos Its NOT always about computers when it comes to IT, there are lot of things behind that subject and there are many components and sub components inside it which finally makes it "IT".

Well I don't know if the above paragraph made any sense at all but what I am trying to say is basically is the heading. Just that IT guys knows about computer stuff things around it , it does not mean we (I am using we cos I am a dude involved with IT too) have to EVERYTHING I mean EVERY EFFING THING regarding computers and IT related areas. We are also humans and there 's a limit for everything we know too. BUT SADLY some people doesn't know it, people who doesn't know what IT is and doesn't know what the effing word a "COMPUTER" means doesn't know it. This is really sad you know. Very Very Sad.

An incident culminated in office today where this woman from the accounts department at my workplace came running towards us while we were busy with the shifting work that is being going on at our department asking us to fix their network cos it is not working. Well to our credit we kinda knew how to correct the problem, BUT this woman was an arrogant shitty stubborn woman who always shouted at us and blamed us when her computer was not working. We have a Network Administrator ( if you don't know who it is all you IT Greeks just copy the word and search it in Google you will know then.)but she never troubled him when she had problems ,, she always came to us always trying to stop our work and get her work done.(Biatch !!)

Anyways we said to her we are busy with the shifting stuff so just ask the Network Admin and get the problem solved. So what was her answer.. " I thought you guys know everything , guess you cannot fix a simple network.." I choose not to answer the woman cos I know her character and I have seen many people from the same department of hers saying the exact thing. But my colleagues were just upset like me and were cursing the woman all the way. BUT the good thing is we never did it =D and though another woman came after us asking us to fix her freaking printer we never did that too =D.

All I want to say is don't think that every IT guy knows everything and Don't treat them as your servants or slaves. We got some dignity and an IT career has it own sheer value just like when it comes Accountancy , Engineering and also a Doctor. Always remember you need a IT guy somewhere down the line cos these days you "Cannot Live" without a Computer.

So Respect the IT guy, Respect the IT People cos you never know when you need one..


Until Next Time


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9:39 PM

haha nicely put Chami... ;D Hope all the shifting stuff is going according to plan! :)


9:07 AM

@Chavie :Thank You Bro =D well its going but its still not over :(


10:19 AM

Lol..nice post bro...but becarefull your next pay cheque may not arrive on


12:23 AM

Well said :)


9:04 AM

@RealSkullZero: Thank You Mate =D and LOL about the paycheck but to tell u the truth I still did not get it yet.

@Azrael: Thank You Mate =D


2:30 AM

Here is another side of it :)

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