The Best and the Worst of IPL 2009..

The Indian Premier League is the HOTTEST topic on the minds of cricket fans these days. Everyday when u go home after work u gotta match and its always ends up being exciting and a nail biting one. As a cricket fan you cannot ask for more. So here are some good things and bad things I have noticed in IPL 2009 so far.

The Good

The Form of Lasith Malinga and TM Dilshan

Sri Lanka is trying to figure out who will be going to the T20 World cup this June. But I guess they don't have to worry about two people who will be going there. Malinga and Dilshan who is playing for Mumbai and Delhi which makes every Sri Lankan happy and hoping they would continue that form in the World Cup as well. Malinga with his awesome , two crushing yorkers and Dilshan with his amazing calmness and perfect batting as a finisher has amazed not only us but the whole world. so that's one good thing that came out of IPL 2009.

The Cheer Leaders

Damn they are sooo hot and good looking. I dont care about the dancing a lot I only like to see their pretty faces and it also makes a non cricket lover to watch cricket as well. Bangalore got the hottest Cheerleaders while Delhi got the sexiest and naughty ones with the short trouser and the sleeveless shirt. All in all I like them all and that's the best of IPL 2009.

The rise of Mumbai Indians

Last year they sucked big time only coming to form in the latter changes which didn't help them to make the semi finals. This year with Malinga and Tendulkar in form they are going great guns. Who can forget the partnership between Tendulkar and Jayasuriya against KKR ? Damn that was a treat to watch =).

The Occasional Trumpet Blowing that gets the Crowd Going

I got only a few things to say about this.. "What an Idea Sirji " :P

Players in Different Countries Playing Together

AB and Dilshan .. Jaya and Sachin.. Harbajan and Malinga Its really great to see =D.

The Bad

Money dethrones Respect

Last night I was watching the Kings 11 Punjab and Mumbai Indians match where Malinga bumped into Sanga they never talked or even smiled at each other and just wen on with their bowling and batting. I also saw how Sana was over joyed when he got Mahela. Money can do one thing it can stop you from respecting others even he is from your own national team and more importantly from your own country.

The Tactical Time Out

It;s such a waste of time and it breaks a teams momentum. I know they r doing it for advertising purposes but its just NOT cricket.

The Umpiring

I saw the Match between DD and DC today and the Umpiring was horrific. Once they gave a No Ball that was not a No Ball if I am telling the truth ( But I am happy it was :P) and then there was a 5 ball over which was horrendous when it comes to International Umpiring. Also I have seen some bad decisions given at crucial times during vital parts in every match. So this is not good , not good for cricket as a whole.

Only allowing 4 foreign players to play in a team

I hated this rule from the start. There are 11 members in the team and only allowing 4 foreign players is just not fair. This another reason why people dislike the IPL since it tries to improve the Indian players. But the good thing is only a handful has performed and performing so far =D .

Playing in South Africa

IPL is not IPL when it is being played in South Africa. I know they have done a lot things to bring the IPL atmosphere that was there last year in India. But nothing can match the Indian Crowd ( I think only Sri Lanka can do that =D ) so its been a dull one when it comes to crowd and the atmosphere. So having the IPL in South Africa is to my mind is not a good idea

So those are the Good Things and Bad Things I have noticed in IPL 2009 so far. I don't know who will come to the finals yet but its been an amazing tournament and is getting exciting every minute. ok I am off to watch another match. =D tell me what you think about the post any comments welcome =D

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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

4:56 PM

Just got to disagree with the bad part though:

Money / disrespect - You should maybe take it as the level of competition and playing out ur full for the team your playing, without conflicting your interest.

Limit of 4 International Player's - dude.. its IPL - INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE, its suppose to harness indian talent and make a greater pool n chance for indian cricketers..

But IPL is damm hot sometimes even for this hot weather man.. some matches and shots are marvellous.. wondering if i can get it on a DVD or somethin!!


9:56 AM

@LS :- I agree on the Money thing Bro Its just what Money does to you.. you loose respect for others and the limitation they should have made it at least 5 man 11 and 4 is not just right in my book

but as u said IPL has been awesome =D the batting the bowling and some times fielding i think 20/20 is taking over hope its not the end of test cricket

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