The Last Dance...

Captivated by her Beauty.. He came slowly towards her. His eyes deeply transfixed at her beauty as he made his way to ask her for once last dance. He is a bit nervous as his heart keeps on beating faster as he slowly bended and asked her offering his hand "Would you like to dance with me for one last time?". She didn't answer him at once though she knew deep in her mind that she wanted to dance with him too. As she tried to hide the tears of joy trying its best to come rolling down from her eyes ..She looked at him deeply and saw the passion of love burning in his eyes.. his charming smile... and his eagerness for a positive response which uttered the words "Say Yes".

She did not disappoint him..

Slow, soothing music being played in the background... The cool wind flowing everywhere.. A starry night with the moonlight like a spot light flowing down from heavens and lighting up the whole dancing arena.. The scene was set for the final dance.

He took her hand and took her closer to him while she kept on gazing at his eyes.. enchanted by the charming man she thought she could spend her life with but cannot..

They slowly began to dance as the song "Glory of Love" being played in the background. He was holding her close to him swearing to himself and whispering to her that he would not let her go. She was enchanted with the moment as she leaned on to his chest closed her eyes.. and danced with him while the music rolled on and on..

It was a brilliant dance.. A simply amazing dance.. as they hold each other tightly in their arms and danced the night away.. They didn't know that the music has stopped and day break was near.. as they kept on dancing and dancing..

She never felt happy all her life.. though she knew her last breath has come she didn't stop as she didn't want to disappoint the man who have loved her more than she loved herself and wanted to pay gratitude to him for making her happy for one last time.. so she controlled her pain.. the pain that has got her sick in the first place as she danced with him happily with an innocent smile...

He realized that she was in pain and wanted to stop but she stopped him by saying, "I know what you are going to say .. Please Don't Stop Darling.. Lets keep on Dancing.. I don't want this moment to go away.." as she kissed him passionately..

He didn't stop...

As they kept on dancing, He realized that she was not responding to him anymore.. She never opened her eyes and her body was cold.. He slowly kneel down while holding her and looked at her as tears slowly came rolling down his eyes.. He knew what has happened...

She was Gone..

As he kissed her lips one more time , He slowly wrapped his arms around her.. closed his eyes and waited and waited .. he didn't know what was happening to him but he knew his heart beat was going down in rapid speeds..As the sun started to rise bringing a new day.. he also has decided and chosen the path.. his lover has decided to go earlier.. and celebrate their love together in heaven..

And so the night that started with love ended with love.. A love story that won't be forgotten and will remain the hearts of everyone who witnessed it and knew all about it from the beginning to the end.. But there's one thing they will never know and would never get the chance to get to know.. and only He and She will know...

It's that night.. The night they had the "Last Dance..."

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  Charm Bracelet

7:42 AM

Brings back truckloads of memories this post. Sigh. If only we cud turn back time. Cliche, but true.

Nice post Disease :)


8:21 AM

@CB: Thank You CB glad u liked the Post and enjoyed it I hope I didn't make u sad by invoking past memories
but I am happy you enjoyed reading it =)

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