A Dream...

I see this dark cloud taking over me
No Sound.. No whispering..
I just feel a heart beating

I see this light taking over the darkness
Bright Sunlight with a cooling Breeze
A Garden with roses blooming everywhere

I see this young maiden coming towards me
Smiling , Beautiful with Sparkling Eyes

I try to talk to her but my voice is numb
She lends her hand towards me
And I jump and hold her in my arms

She likes that and doesn't make any sound
As I hold her in my arms and kiss her

We fall down together and roll down
in the garden floor

She is looking at me.
I am looking at her..

We roll down and down
And we fall...

I don't feel the grass anymore
and I feel I got a bruise

Then only I realized...
It was just a Dream..

And the Girl I was making love to..
Was my Pillow..

Until Next Time


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  Slow Chills

8:33 PM

That was a beautiful thought translated into a poetry. Lovely, Disease!


11:47 PM

@Slow Chills: Thank You SC Glad you like it =)

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