The Six List - Wishful Thinking...

I thought I will never write the Six List again cos I didn't have anything to write about. I finally thought of one and thought of writing it today =D. It's the six most things I wish I can do in life.. So here it is hoping at least I would be able to get one thing done in my life =D

Number 6 - Sky Diving

Heights do scare me. I have been on a plane only once and that also got me the chills and even more this ride when I was in Singapore made me shit scared ( check out this link and hear the person who is screaming who is none other than me =D

The Space Shot

But in the end its all about the thrill and since I have gone up twice I wanna come down so someday I am hoping to go Sky Diving and do it for the thrill.. for the moment its just wishful thinking.. =)

Number 5 - Meet Paris Hilton

Ok this sounds Crazy... But who doesn't want to meet a chick who has soo much money and spends it just for fun .. She was beautiful in the past but nowadays she is just trash.. yet I think I would love to meet her just to see her and ask her if she could lend me some of her money she has earned from her dad and which she just lets go to trash.. The chick can dance too. I would party with her one night.. get a lot of pics with her.. take some of the many dollars she has with her.. kiss her good night and come back home but too bad.. it's again "Wishful thinking" =)

Number 4 - Make a TV Advertisement with MS Dhoni

Though he is from India as a Cricket Lover I am a Fan of Dhoni.. His unflappable character, he bad boy / boy next door looks, His mental strength has made me a fan of him.. and I have seen all those ads he is making on tv .. with kids with Bipasha Basu now why can't I be in one 2 ? I would love to hang out with the dude and be popular on tv through an advertisement.. it could be pepsi it could be an hair gel ad or even a shoe ad I just want to be in a ad with the dude.. again its wishful thinking :P

Number 3 - Have my Own Ferrari

I am not a fan of driving.. But I think Ferrari's are the hottest cars around I love the skylines too but the Ferrari is kinda like the Girl you Dream to Make your Own someday.. so pretty so wicked sooo much style.. I love the basking horse logo and also the cream color red all over it.. Ferrari's are my favorite and I am just hoping someday that I will be able to own one and ride on the heavy traffic roads of Colombo and suburbs =D

Number 2 - To build something like the Taj Mahal for my Girlfriend..

This is something that I will be able to do I think but the current economic situation in the world is not helping so I take it as Wishful thinking hehe. I always believe that girl whom I m gonna end up will always be special no matter how she looks no matter what she do or not do I will always adore her cos Its take someone special to win my heart. I always think that the Taj Mahal is something special what can more a lover do to his girlfriend when she passes away?? I don't know..I will someday build something like that for my GF too something more better something that she would be able to see when she is alive.. for the moment it's wishful thinking cos I don't have a girl or money but I am sure I will be able to do it someday =)

Number 1 - To be the Sexiest Nerd Alive....

Ok this is my Numero Uno wishful thinking thought =D. I have achieved the first one so far to a bit though I don't call myself a nerd because I wear glasses but the 2nd part I need to do that .. and it's kinda achievable cos I need to do some more exercises and get my body all right. I don't want to be another Hugh Jackman but I know I can be the sexiest nerd to ever come across on this place we call Earth. It's not impossible so this is my number 1 Wishful thinking thought cos I think it is achievable. =D

So there u go my Top 6 wishful thinking thoughts =D. hope u like it and hope you had fun reading it too =D. Have a Good Week Ahead Peeps and always Keep on Smiling =)

Until Next Time


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8:04 AM

lol bro! I'm scared of heights too, and I wanna skydive someday! must be something that all people who are scared of heights wanna do... :D

I'm a big fan of MSD too! I really like the fact he remains calm during very tense situations and always takes everything that happens in his stride... :)

and good luck with point number 1 bro! great to hear you're working out and all... :D

  Just Chillin'

8:05 AM

That's really sweet... :)
May dreams come true for you... even the most impossible ones..!!


8:19 AM

Dude I am onboard with you on everything but Paris Hilton?? O.O STDs!!!! :D Chase the dream brother, chase the dream


8:24 AM

@Chavie :- hehe thank you bro the working out thing is kinda out of plan these days due to my hectic work schedule but I am working on it
hehe and yes to both MSD and Heights Wishful Thinking though =D

@Just Chillin':- Thank You Just Chillin =) I hope they come true if they do I will b the happiest guy on Earth =)


8:26 AM

@Dili : Yes Bro I am doing that Thank You =D and about Paris Hilton I think she has a boyfriend now so not gonna sleep with her lol and u said it STD's lol! =D

  Lady divine

8:40 AM

I want to skydive toooooo!!!! :)

and Paris Hilton...? seriously??

hmmm.... interesting..:)

May you be able to achieve all those dreams..:) and when you get the Ferrari, take me for a ride will ya..:)


9:14 AM

@Lady D: hehe yes Lady D just want to meet Paris and party with her one night =D and I will let u know when I go sky diving you can join me and u will be the first ones whom i will take on a ride in my Ferrari It's a Promise ! =D

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

5:28 PM

#6 - pushes you out of the plane with no shooots.. :P ill join you man.. anytime!!

#5 - Slaps you hard on the back of your.. DUDE?!?!? ARE U SERIOUS?!?!?

#4 - hmm ill give you a pass

#3 - *kills you and drives the Ferrari away*

#1 - NERD!!!


10:39 PM

i want number 6 and number 3 too!! :D
and lol at number 1! hehe! good luck! ;)


10:32 PM

@LS: LOL bro nice observations =D and regarding the Paris Hilton thing I just want to meet her and c if she really is that dirty :P

@Black: hehe maybe someday u can join me on number 6 and number 3 Black and thank you for Number 1 =D I am doing my best on that ;)

Cheers !

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