Bloggers in South Park... =D

Ever wondered how some of my favorite bloggers would like if they were on South Park ? Well here is a glimpse of it.. =D and if you want to create your own south park character go to the link below and have fun

South Park

For the Moment.. Enjoy the ones Below =D



Lost Princess




Lady Divine

Lost Soul




Gadget Girl


Until Next Time


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5:08 AM

HAHA!! i look sooo emo!!!
I LOVE IT!! :D lol..
p.s. sachintha looks soooooooooo funneh! :D


7:50 AM

lol, thanks Chami! :D and I'm with Black, Sachintha looks like he's getting ready for a BBQ! hehe :D

and Meg in pink... priceless! ;) lol


8:43 AM

Just to repeat what I said on twitter; LOL Dude, AWESOME xD Love it. :) Must say all the gals look smokin hawt lol


8:43 AM

& Meg & Sachintha ROFL xD


7:07 PM

Nice work Dude


9:04 PM

Good one!

But why am I like a pirate or something?



12:18 AM

@Black: Glad you like it Black =D The Emo Artist not bad na hehe and about Sach 's is just superb isn't he with the sword and all =D

@Chavie :You r Welcome Bro and Agreed on Sach hehe he is ready for a fight though the Japanese style =D and Meg we know all about her na lol!

@Dili : Hehe you r Welcome Mate and yes Meg and Sach are looking freaking good lol! =D

@KS: Thank You Man =)

@Sach : Glad you like it Man and its not a pirate its a Kung Fu Fighter with a Sword =D


2:00 AM

Icecream????! ;P
&& Piggytails???? =P..


2:30 AM

@GG : hehe Glad you like it Both GG =D

  Lady divine

9:03 PM

I love these posts of urs!!!!

but, you forgot my glasses..:P.. no wait, maybe the lenses came..;)

very nice Disease..very nice..:)

and thank you for including me..:)


  Lady divine

9:04 PM

btw, shouldn't Sach be holding a cricket bat in Japan? ;)


10:09 PM

That's an all-purpose sword.

  The Puppeteer

5:26 AM

I'm The Puppeteer, now...
Dude... I'm afraid you've got me all wrong =D

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

5:27 PM

*pokes with pitchfork*

hehehe good one man!! dont u think u need to add a line abt the character in SP??

  Just Chillin's Personal Blog

10:47 PM

Hey... I missed being on your list :)

  The Single Couple

2:31 AM



7:41 AM

hmmmmm interesting...chamzzzz ... mate you've hit the nail on Dillie.... i couldna described him better meself!!! LOL


2:22 AM

@Lady D: Thank You Lady D =) and yes I forgot the glasses but again u sorted that problem out for me =)there is no list that is complete with you Lady D and stay tuned k more good stuff are on the way =D

@Sachintha: lol! =D

@The Puppeteer: Mayb Mayb but ill assure you I won't get you wrong next time =D

@Lost Soul: Thank You Bro Glad you liked it =D yeah It didn't came across my mind when I did the post maybe next time I will do that =D
Cheers !

@Just Chillin: Yes I know I am sorry for forgetting you JC but I assure you u will be in my next list Promise* =)

@The Single Couple: Thank You =D

@Anon: hehe Thank you and yeah Dili looks wicked =D


4:06 AM

OMG! hehe, you've caught blacky in her true emo self... a randomly seen side of her, usually makes an appearence around, a certain times...hehe
*crosses finger and hopes blacky doesnt see that one*


12:56 AM

@thetubelightchicks: hehe Thank You TTLC =D well I don't think Black will get upset she loved it 2 =D Thank you for visiting my blog
Cheers !! =D

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