Those were the Days....

Where I used to Smile More and Cry More.. Where I had the protection and shade of my loved ones... Where I used to be naive young and innocent and always acted dumb since I didn't care about what was happening around me... the days I never understood anger.. prejudice ... hatred and life...

I miss those days... and I wish they come back to me...

Those were the days...

Have a Great Week Ahead Everyone..

Until Next Time


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  Lady divine

9:00 PM

we were all so cute back then, were't we? :)

Lovely pic btw... totally adorable!:)

and yes, I agree... those were the days alright..:)


2:27 AM

VElly cute!

Now having josh around I wish I was a baby too!! someone else does EVERYTHING for you, and you don't have a care in the world except maybe being near your mommy, or when you're gonna be fed next :D

those really were the days.


2:05 AM

@Lady D: Thank You Lady D =) and yes u said it again those were the day =)

@Black: Thank You Black =)and good to c that u r feeling like a baby again 2 hehe hope the little one is doing good give him a hug for me k =) those were the days Black those were the days =)


10:16 PM

cute pic :) yep i totally agree.. :) wish i was that age again!

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

8:00 PM

**off note - got something for you mate, when u get time, check ma blog.


1:10 AM

@Tash: Thank You T =) and its quite true isn't it? =)

PS: its really good to c u back =D

@LS: Thank You for that Bro Awesome Stuff =D


2:20 AM

=) It feels good to be back as well!!


3:12 AM

@tash: Yay! =D

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