What a Weekend....

It's been one hell of a weekend lot of good things happening around and it's been awesome.. It began with

Talking with Malli after a long time on Skype... =)

Called and talked with some friends after a long long time =)

Heard the news that a friend who went to USA came back this week and talked with her 2 =)

STC beat Trinity in the Rugby Match to with back the Canon R.S De Saram Sheild =)

Manchester Untied won the EPL =)

Witnessed a nail biting match in the IPL and the team I cheered won =)

And the BEST of the lot

Hearing that the Sri Lankan Army forces got complete control over the North East giving us the firm belief that Peace has finally arrived after 30 long years of cold blooded war... =)

WOOT !! WOOT !! I think I am gonna sleep well tonight.. though I got this damn bad cold which has left the only blemish. BUT WHO CARES..

It's a weekend to Remember =D Have a Good Week Ahead Guys..

May the Noble Triple Gem Bless you All !!

Until Next Time


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