Mumbai Indians Deserved their Fate!

Today I was watching the IPL match between Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings and after the first innings , I thought they really had a chance but unfortunately due to their familiar lack of judgment and stupid captaincy Chennai won the match easily and knocked off Mumbai from a Semi Final spot.

Mumbai was really good at the beginning which made every fan of them believe that they will do well this year. BUT, they did some vital errors at vital times and some of those errors were really really stupid which in the end, contributed to their downfall.

So what was good , what was bad and what was worst for Mumbai in IPL 2009?

The Good:

Malinga's Bowling

JP Duminy's Batting

Abishek Nayar's Cameo's

The Bad:

Sanath's Form

Bravo and Tendulkar 's Inconsistency

Not being able to handle Pressure

The Worst:

Tendulkar's Captaincy


The Change of Batting Order Every time..

The only reason I will watch the last Mumbai Indians Match is hoping Malinga can get some wickets and get the purple cap and hoping Sana would hit some good runs.. I feel sorry for the two of them.. They should have been playing for a better team..

Until Next Time


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  Lady divine

10:21 AM

I'm just not into the IPL.. and well, I know a lot of people who are.

also, it's ok you didnt get time to comment..:) don't be sorry pal..:)

I should be the one who's sorry for not having commented for a while.. so sorry..:(


2:16 AM

@Lady D: Hey it's all good Sis =) I know we haven't been commenting each other's blog for a while but still we read and kit that's what matters =)

hope u r feeling better Lady D

Hugs all the way ** =)

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

5:24 PM

IPL is just getting crazy now man.. I've been with CSK since the 1st tournament.. didnt have much hope in this year, until they started winning matches that came to the wire.. but some was just lost out of stupidity!

But win against MI was just tooo good and confirmed a propective berth in semi!!


6:19 AM

@LS: Yes Bro it has been too unpredictable now. even Chennai has some problems to qualify for the Semi Finals.. It's been a pretty weird IPL so far =)

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