~Lost Soul ~

As promised here is my tribute to "Lost Soul" who has been one of my favorite bloggers for a long time and has been a true friend I found from the early days I started blogging. I was planning to write a tribute to him for a long time but got busy with all sort of stuff which stopped me from doing it till now. He did a tribute to me before me which I really appreciate and feel honored to get one from a fellow blogger =D. Here is my tribute to him hope you like it Brother LS =D.

When I started Blogging I never thought I will
Find some Awesome people who became my closest Friends
There I found "Lost Soul", an Awesome blogger at his helm
We have been friends ever since and I am glad I met him

His blog always reaped, sadness bitterness and tears
I guess it's because of what he went through in life
But the way he put those feelings through words
Just made me read his blog with sheer delight

A gem of a blogger, A gem of a human being
I don't think he gives himself credit much
For being soo damn strong on things he went through
When others would drool and cry about..

His wicked stories.. his wicked poems
All of them attracted me to his blog
How can I forget the comments he gave me
The encouragement I cannot Thank enough..

Thank you Lost Soul,
You are a brother than a friend
Thank you for being there for me
When I needed your hand

Always remember
You are not "Lost" in anyway
Cos if u need to talk to a friend anytime
You know I am just a click away =D

Thank you Brother LS... You r one of the Best!!

Until Next Time


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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

5:37 PM

Thanks mate.

Really nice to read something touching on a monday morning.

Really touched.


11:11 AM

@LS: You are Welcome Bro and You Deserve It ! =D

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