The Six List - Tribute to "The King of Pop..."

One of my favorite singers of all time.. "The King of Pop"...Micheal Jackson passed away on Thursday Night. It was a news that shocked me and really saddened me at the same time cos I have been a fan of his songs from the first day I started listening to him.So as a tribute I decided to dedicate the Six List to him this time.. So here are my top six favorite songs of Micheal Jackson,( It was difficult to choose cos I love almost every track of him)

May "The King of Pop" Rest in Peace..

Number 6 - Billie Jean

Number 5 - The Way You Make Me Feel

Number 4 - Beat it

Number 3 - Bad

Number 2 - Smooth Criminal

Number 1 - Black or White

Until Next Time


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  Girigoris the One

11:00 PM

For MJ, u could also consider naming it 'Sex list' n not six list. In memory of the kids

  Cricket Tragic

4:00 AM

Ignoring the comments made by idiots, I think his embracing of other cultures is really shown in the video 'Black and White' and how his songs transcended cultures, generations, borders, every fucking thing imaginable!

However, I'm quite pissed. You haven't put 'Stranger in Moscow'! The song doesn't mean much (IMO), but the way the video has been made is amazing, check it out..

Can't forget watching B&W on my dad's VHS tape of (the making of Dangerous) a gazillion times over and over again....apparently, it took them over a hundred takes before they could get those babies on top of the globe to finish that scene without crying! :D


8:22 AM

Ill miss this guy. =(.


10:50 AM

No room for Thriller? :(


10:36 PM

@Girigoris the One:
Admire the Man for his talent and what he did for Music and NOT for his sexuality..

@Cricket Tragic:
Thank you for sharing those thoughts mate =D I haven't heard the song "Stranger in Moscow" should listen to it and check it out and no worries idiots may talk shit but the world knows what MJ was really about when it comes to making music =)

@GG: Same here GG I am still sad about the whole thing.. he was an Icon and will be forever

@Niroshinie: I love thriller 2 Niroshinie but since its a list of six I couldn't include it there r some other songs 2 I couldn't include namely "Heal the World" , "Jam", "Man on the Mirror" and the Free Willy song...

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