Random Thoughts after a Very Interesting Week...

"Anger".. It gets you no where and in the end you will only have frustrations and will loose respect, trust and mostly friends..

"Think Twice" before you "Come to Conclusions.." quick decisions can lead you into a lot of trouble and later frustration..

Never believe what others say.. until you have enough evidence to prove to yourself that what those others are saying is true..

"Don't" leave your old friends for new ones.. cos only the old ones will stick with you forever..

"You can be a Body Builder" and a "Fitness Guru" but having strong bones is not good if you don't have a "Strong Mind."

"Be there for Friends.." when they need you the "Most.."

"Never Betray Your Parents.." they are the ones who loves you the most.. NOT your "Boy friends.." or ""Girlfriends.."

Happiness is not found through "Random Experiences" Its Eternal Happiness that matters the Most.

Until Next Time


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