Friends Will Always be Friends.. No Matter What..

We do have our misunderstandings from time to time
We do get mad at each other . we never talk to each other
But we always remain friends...

Though we are not meeting each other
As often as we may like
We always remember each other
Through a forward mail or a SMS..

We think of ourselves sometimes
I guess it's normal to human beings
But still as friends we are together
During good and bad times..

Loosing a Friend is Easy
Making a Friend is Hard
I might have unfortunately
Broken your Hearts..

But remember grudges are temporary
Friendship is forever..
D, L and G Always Remember..

We Will Be ..

Friends Forever..
!! =)


Until Next Time


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9:49 AM

Yeah Bro...
Friends Forever.. !! =)



6:58 AM

@Genesis: Glad you Like it Bro and YEAH !! Friends Forever..! =D

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