Dirty Diana..

She was in her late 20's ..Dark Blue Eyes..Long Hair that Shines like Black Velvet.. Bright Red Lips that Glowed in Sunlight..Skin Color which was just Unique.. .. She was every guy's dream girlfriend.. every girl's dream best friend.. Her name was Diana.. Everyone knew her only by that name..

She spoke rarely.. always responded to people's conversations with a smile.. she only had a few friends.. all of them girls..always hangout with that bunch..She never showed an interest towards guys ..and every guy who admired her thought she had a boyfriend so never really approached her and kept on admiring how beautiful and charming she was..

However.. there was one guy who didn't want to give up..he was a dude who had a lot of girls coming after him.. he rejected all of them since he was in love with Diana...He wanted Diana.. and after taking a lot of courage and determination to his heart.. he approached her and asked her out..

Diana was surprised at first.. and after some thought she told him that she would tell him the next day if they can go out or not.. The guy was happy cos at least she didn't say no.. he awaited eagerly for hours to pass. waiting to hear a "Yes."

The next day came.. and he was waiting in the front lawn of the Uni waiting her to appear and let him know.. She was there and when he came towards she smiled as she always does and told him the 3 letters he wanted to hear..

He was overjoyed but never showed it to her as they went out later that night..It was a simple date.. with ice cream.. a walk in the beach.. and back home in his bicycle... She loved it .. he loved it.. both of them loved it.. and before she left him that day she told him to close his eyes and gave him a kiss as she ran down her fingers down his eyes and lips.. he was feeling that he was in wonderland.. as she went away saying "Good Night !".

Days passed and People in Uni were amazed to see the new couple.. the other guys were amazed and this dude's courage to ask Diana out and some were even jealous because they couldn't make a move before him..They were a happy couple..

UNTIL... Diana began to change...

Diana suddenly decided to get away from her lover.. she began to ignore him and though He was her boyfriend, she tried her level best to stay away from him and hang out with her mates.. He was confused about all of these recent happenings and was really upset since he thought he has done something wrong to Diana. She began to ignore him and though He was her boyfriend, she tried her level best to stay away from him and hang out with her mates.. He was confused about all of these recent happenings and was really upset since he thought he has done something wrong.. he couldn't bear this distance apart between him and her and finally decided to ask her what this was all about..

"Baby, why are you avoiding me ?? Do you know how much I tried to call you ?? Every time when I call you turn off your phone.. Every time I try to meet you.. you say you are busy.. you don't even notice me anymore.. is something wrong? tell me honey why are you avoiding me like this.."

Diana was silent for a moment, then as she always did.. she smiled and replied back

"I am sorry baby.. you are just not my TYPE, we did have a good thing going on for sometime and I enjoyed every bit of that but now I am in love with another guy and I don't love you anymore..So let's end this please.. Cos I don't want to break your heart and give you any false hopes.. I am not in love with you anymore.. I have another Boyfriend !"

After saying this she showed him her new boyfriend.. He was first amazed when she told all this stuff to him, he was even more surprised when he saw her new boyfriend.. it was his best friend in Uni.. the guy with whom he had a friendship for over 10 years.. She has decided to choose his friend over him.. he was utterly devastated..

"So you decided to choose my friend instead of him.. Then why did you tell me that you love me.. ??" the guy asked with a lot of anger burning in his eyes..

She smiled again and replied back "I never said that I LOVE YOU "

He frowned..and went speechless... he tried his level best to hide his pain and anger at the same time.. He didn't know what has hit him..unable to hold on to those feelings and unable to look at her face again.. he walked away.. still mad with himself.. with her.. and his best friend.. whom he thought has betrayed him.. and his friendship..

Days passed as he saw the new couple with happy smiles everyday when he came to Uni. He was unable to concentrate on his studies as his mind was dwelling on the thoughts about her as he kept asking himself "Where did I go wrong ??" he was mad with his friend , he wanted to punch him in the face but he never did it cos he was not that type of a guy. he tried to avoid them as much as he could but whenever he saw her smile.. his anger, hatred and sadness grew to greater heights..

Time passed and one day during a Uni batch party, he saw his friend alone and having a beer. Remembering everything what has happened with him and being drunk with a lot of wine sunken down his throat, he thought this was the correct time to get back at his friend for taking away the girl he loved so much..

He showed up from behind and grabbed his friend shirt collar and was about to punch his friend on his face when his friend yelled " Dude Dude Stop ! Stop !! Don't Do It.."

He replied Back "You are not a Good Friend.. You took my Girl away from me and you are now dating her.. you broke my heart and trust man .. I need revenge.. I want to smack you in the face for doing this to me.." and aimed his fists to his friends face.

The friend stopped him again and said "Dude Stop It Bro.. It's not worth it.. you are not the only one who got hurt.. she did the same thing to me man.. just take a look around and see .. she is not with me anymore.."

He was surprised and amazed when he heard those words.. he calmed himself down and looked around. There he saw her.. and with his eyes widening up ..he saw her with another guy.. hugging and kissing and dancing ecstatically.. and he saw another thing that was soo familiar to him.. She was "Smiling"

He turned back to his friend and said "You 2 Bro ? " and his friend replied "Yes Bro..She said I didn't say "I Love You.." "

The two friends talked about everything Diana did with them and it was quite evident that both of them were fooled around by her fake love, fake kisses and most of all her fake smile..

Years after their graduation the two friends went back to the Uni get together where they met all their old friends.. They also saw Diana whom they got to know was a lecturer in the same Uni. She was with a guy hugging and kissing and having some glasses of wine. When they saw the dude they found one similarity.. It was another Guy.. the dude who was with her during the party was there at the get together as well.. alone.. and having numerous glasses of beer. The two friends realized what has happened and went near the Dude and said one thing..

" Sorry Mate..guess you have been DUMPED too by Dirty Diana.. We guess she told you too that you didn't say to her "I Love You..""

Until Next Time

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