Cupid should be Hanged..

Cupid is crazy..
He's not a friend but a foe..
He thinks he brings hearts together
But often he breaks more..

He is not a friend but an assassin
Who brings pain through arrows..
Yet he never forgets to smile..
Making us believe what he shows..

More often a Looser than a winner
Not often a smile but a tear
Call himself an actual god
But acts like a dirty criminal..

For being a useless freak
Who never shows off himself
For not being there
When you need his shade

For being an utterly useless
Piece of Shit !

I believe that..
Cupid should be Hanged..

Until Next Time

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9:04 PM

Aww..Keep pushing forward.


10:27 PM

I kNOW!!!!
it's like he brings people together with the ulterior motive of crushing them! :S GRRRR!
n a lighter note though... you will be ok....


8:53 AM

@GG : I decided to do just that GG =)

@Black: I cannot AGREE with you more Black and thank you for the wishes I am getting over these stuff now =)


12:19 AM

Good good. =D.
Stupid Cupid! =D.


8:58 AM

@GG : hehe Cute ! =D

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