Change in Approach...

I feel like I should change my approach to life.. This metronomic fast forward lifestyle is turning my life into a cobweb where I cannot find the place I could fit in.. Long Working hours.. Short Weekends.. Lack of Sleep.. Lack of time spent with Friends.. More time spent in front of the Computer and TV ... What's happening with me ??? Every moment I try to figure this out I get the chills..

The current financial crisis in our family has been one of the main reasons that has led me to live this kinda of a lifestyle.. As the eldest in my family I have sacrificed all my pleasures and joys for the sake of seeing my brother having a good last few days in Sri Lanka before he goes back to US. For the sake of seeing my sister happy as she goes through the rough times of studying for her als. For the sake of keeping my parents happy and smiling by lending them money whenever they have financial issues and be more responsible for my actions by starting to pay my own phone bill.. I am happy in doing all of these stuff.. even though I don't get my salary on time..

I hate when other people joke about me and my family thinking we are rich people just because we got a good car, a good house and ADSL etc. I don't listen to them when they gag about me.. I don't really mind it.. But I do get mad, frustrated and sad when they direct those talks to my dad and my family.. How can people be so pathetic?? and the worst part is they always come back asking to lend some money when they are broke. Sadly, I have learned some good qualities while growing up specially from my parents and my grandmother and that has made me a very approachable person to others to get some cash when they want it.. I am HELPLESS at those situations and I HATE THAT..

One of my sister's friends broke my digital camera and it's gonna cost 12,000 rupees to fix it back... The head phones in my Phone doesn't work anymore and I don't think I can replace it.. I still wear the same old shoes I bought in 2004 and it's almost on it's last ride.. My Boss at Work is not satisfied with my work and always yells at me for not doing what he wants.. People say Life is a Bitch..I say it's worst than that..

With all these bad things happening with me.. I decided to stay POSITIVE no matter what.. I am a believer of moments and I am sure better moments will come to my life someday.. I have suddenly become more money minded and I have a goal now to earn as much as I can so I can fulfill my desires in the future... I have my own ways of enjoying life by listening to good music.. by watching a cricket or football game on tv by hanging out with my family .. by going to a movie once in a while not caring about who wants to come with me or not.. I got some simple pleasures that I cherish so much.. that burning positivity , contentment and desire to smile has kept me going strong so far and I hope and prey that strength would stay with me forever..

No matter what happens...I know my goals .. I know what I want.. Someday I know I will be the happiest man on Earth and with my vision to be the Richest Man in the world still hanging around 2.. I know that I won't fail..

I used to be a timid guy who never had a vision, a goal or desire and used to cry about all the stuff that happened with me.. It WON'T happen anymore.. and nothing would stop me from reaching the highest mountain that I want to reach..

I know that my real friends will support me.. and God will take care of the fake I don't have to worry about them. Girlfriend will come someday.. when she comes.. Ill accept her..and give her all my love..

A new path has dawned for me.. and I am starting to leave my footprints along that path.. which I am sure will lead me to Success

Wish me Luck Peeps !

Until Next Time


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10:45 AM

what I like about you bro is that no matter what hands life deals you, you stay strong and positive and stay true to your real friends... and with your persistence I would be very surprised if you don't ride out the rough times and become the most successful person around... so cheers bro! :)

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

5:13 PM

Its your positive attitude thats going to help you keep ur head up high when the shit is upto ur nose.. :D

Life is sure more than a bitch, but when u get used to it.. it doesnt look that bad after sometime..

play hard work hard mate.. if ur boss is not happy with you, as him to f off and get on with ur work.. sometimes its not worth it working for another person. :D

chill it out bro.. you cud always invite me for a movie..if ur left alone!


1:48 AM

"Lack of time spent with Friends.."

The heck???? Goooooo!!!!!!! NOW!=)

  Just Chillin'

7:37 AM

our attitude and love for your family is so admirable .. you're a genuine good human being and you will be blessed for that. Don't worry about what people say.. don't let the Boss's words get you down ... you just stay true to the AWESOME person that you are and get stronger and getter everyday. You've got such good values.. best of luck my dear friend!


8:54 AM

@Chavie:Thank you for those very positive words Bro.. I sincerely hope those will become a reality and since you an awesome friend 2 I assure you that I won't let you down at anytime 2.. Cheers! Bro =)

@LS: Thank You for those awesome words Bro I understand what you are telling me.. I am doing my best to be Strong and not let shit run up my nose hehe and I assure you that I ll let you know next time when I go for a movie alone.. I would be glad to have your company =D

@GG: hehe I am doing by best GG but at least I got my blogging friends like you I am happy =D

@JC: Thank you for you Wishes and Encouragement JC =). Your blessings will always keep me going strong and I am confident that it wont let me down anytime.. Cheers and Hugs*


6:03 PM

Good for you man, seriously. Keep your chin up :)


9:12 PM

@Jerry: Thank you Man =) yep I am doing my best to do that.. Cheers! =)

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