A Request...( The way I decided to send a friend request to a Girl in Facebook..)

This might sound Desperate.. But I was really taken away from this girl's beauty when I saw her pics.. so I decided to sent her a friend request in a unique way.. by writing her a poem as a Personal Message =D.

She hasn't responded as yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed.. Check it out and Enjoy !! =)

PS: That's not her in the pic.. She is much more prettier than that =D

Every time I come to HSBC , I see your face..
Smiling and Working at the same time.. O what a Grace...

I always wanted to talk with you
But I was Always Afraid
Since I didn't want to bother you at work
And thought of leaving you Instead

I was going through a friend list of my friends today..
Suddenly I saw your pic and remembered your face..

I was happy, overjoyed cos I never thought I will
Find you in Facebook, and see you smiling still

My heart was trembling as i started typing
a mail of a different kind I hope like it

A request... for friendship... nothing more.. nothing less..
I sincerely hope u will read this mail.. without putting it to junk mail..

I am sending you a friend request.. attached with this mail...
I hope to hear from you soon and a favorable response as well =)

Have a great weekend.. and have a gr8 future too...
Keep on Smiling just like this... cos its looks soo good in you... =)


Until Next Time


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7:58 AM

Ooo looks like "someone" went fishing. =P.

Gooooooooood start!


11:40 AM

No Comments.

PS: Don't makegovt. block FB ;) .


6:28 PM

@Chanux- Lol good point over there.

  Lady divine

1:20 AM

all the very best..:)


8:48 AM

nice! :D I really hope everything goes well with her bro! :)

and lol @ Chanux... the day that happens is not at all far off... ;)


5:38 AM

@GG: hehe well just literally GG :P and Thank you for the Wishes =D

@Chanux: LOL! I never remembered that mate hehe =D

@Lady D: Thank you Lady D =D

@Chavie: Thank you Bro.. and yeah I 100 percent Agree with you =D


7:28 AM


we are admiring your technique!


9:09 AM

@SomapalaSays : Thanks Mate for the Tribute and the Nickname =D I Love it.. Thanks Again =D


1:28 AM

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