Check It.. Check It.. The Facebook Girl.. Accepted my Request.. =D

Remember the Girl to whom I sent a friend request through a Poem ?? (Check out my last Post if you haven't seen the Request yet :P) well she decided to accept it after all today and replied me back =D

Its been a bloody hell of a weekend for me and two days cos I have been down with the flu. I took a blood test on Sunday and the Doc says that I have traces of Sugar :( I am scared of having it so I am hoping I would be fine soon... gonna go for a blood test tomorrow 2 and c the results...

Wish me luck with my Health and with the Gal 2.. :) She is such an Awesome Girl and I would do everything I can do to win her heart.. I feel she is my Julia :P and I have confidence I will win her..

Facebook Thank You for this.. and PLEASE NOTE that if any people of the government reading this PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK FACEBOOK 2.. PLEASE ! =D it's my one and only shot to win this ladies heart and I am sure it will inspire many to do the same in the future.. =D

Have a gr8 week ahead everyone .. May Good Health and Love be upon you All ! =D

Until Next Time


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8:54 PM

Awww.... thts great!! Good luck!! =)


9:34 PM

Aww..Dude, good luck! With everything.

Btw,Get well soon! That sounds not good to me..anyhoo Goooood luck! =)


8:03 AM

Haha... Good luck with your girl bro :D


3:58 AM

awesome!!! best of luck bro! :)


10:33 AM

@TSC: Thank you Mate =D

@GG : hehe Thank you GG and it's going good so far and I am feeling better now..Loads of Hugs !! =D

@Chathuraw : Thank you Bro =D

@Chavie : Thank you so much Bro =D

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