So far So Good with the Facebook Girl and Other News..

I was amazed and happy to see all the Responses and the Good Wishes from All my Blogging Friends regarding my short love story so far with the Facebook Girl =D. I got to say that it's going gr8 so far and I hoping so much this would be the start of something great.. =) Fingers Crossed =D.

In Other News..

I been sick lately and I am so damn upset cos it always happens on Weekends.. Missed two days of work last week but got a 5 day Holiday hehe. Still it's not good but the Good News is the Sugar situation is not that bad as I thought but got to be careful =D

I just love Twitter.. Just want to Tweet even when I go to the toilet sometimes =D. Still.. it's heavy on the Phone Bill so I am controlling myself =D

Guys who think they have a bad complexion should try " Fair and Handsome ". Believe me.. It Works.. =D

Glad that Mahela got a Century at last.. Superb Batting.. Hoping he would get More.. =D

Just did some pretty silly things over the last weekend .. but now I have changed which has made me Happy =D

Two friends are leaving for USA soon and Malli will be going soon 2.. :(

Nangi is getting ready for A/L's wish her All the Best for her exams and I can't believe she is done with school 2..

I believe that Life is a Challenge and Everyone needs Love and from a Special One at that.. and I think I am feeling those emotions which I only used to see in movies till now =)

Have a Gr8 Weekend Peeps and join me on Twitter .. I assure you it's much more fun than following Ashton Kutcher =D

Until Next Time


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  ~ lo$t $oul ~

10:24 PM

ahahah goood luck bro with the FB girl.. :)

hope u haveu good weekend too.

Been sick through wednesday!!.. i think somethin wrong with the weather.. :) get well soon mate..


12:13 AM

@LS : Thank you Bro =D and yep I also think it's weather that made me sick but its ok now I am feeling better.. Thanks again and Have a Good Weekend yourself 2 =D
Cheers !

  Girigoris the One

3:04 AM

Only friendship "Nothing more nothing less" WTF?
What's the point if u only wanted to be friends? Or are u tryin to be a sneaky bugger n slip one in when she least expects it


3:54 AM

@GTO: well that statement was made in an earlier post when my state of mind was not right mate and slipping in part is not what I do..I won;t do that to any girl..

I have enough friends now.. Its time for me to find myself a girl love, care and share .. and at the moment I am succeeding on it =D

stay tuned with my blog .. you will know the updates and do Wish me Luck =D

  Girigoris the One

9:45 AM

Good luck.. Hope it all goes fine n prove romance exists n shit to give others hope :)


11:26 AM

@GTO: Thank You Mate =D well let's see what happens fingers crossed and believe me..
Romance Does Exist !! and when it's happening its So Damn Sweet !! =D

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