Thank You Sanath..But Your Time is Up !

Sanath Teran Jayasuriya.. The Best Cricketer ever produced by our Motherland.. The Master Blaster .. The Forearm Gladiator.. The Matara Mauler etc etc. we knew he was around during the early 90's ..we began to love him and adore him after 1996.. The fastest 50 .. the fastest 100 (until Boom shaka laka Afridi decided to take it away from him which was SAD !! ) the maximum sixes in an innings .. the highest one day score and the 2nd highest test score for Sri Lanka.. The most experienced cricketer in the world .. He has achieved every monument another cricketer can dream of and he has been a Gem for Sri Lanka and a Great Ambassador for World Cricket.

Now Mr. Sanath Sir I think you should give up and let someone else run the show.. I am not being mean here since you are one of my favorite cricketers of all time But I don't think you can work the magic you did in the past except from your great fielding capabilities which won't be surpassed by any other Sri Lankan Cricketer I am sure..

All the Bowlers today know where to bowl to you... Either a Bouncer to the rip cage or a slower bowl that even foxed the best test batsman in the world today.. Your batting was master class in the past and I still think it is.. But Sir its not effective anymore.. cos everyone knows what to do.. when you come to bat in the crease..

Please think about the rest of the players who are lining in the pack.. Mahela Udawatta has had a stop start career so far but he is a wonderful prospect.. We fans would love to see a new bloke come in to the scene and smash the new bowlers all around the park.. just like you did .. Don't you like to see it 2 ? I mean don't you like to see another player taking your mantel and carrying your name forward ??

Don't let Money be your Ultimate Goal Sir.. I know you can earn plenty from different cricket leagues such as IPL etc etc. But remember you are Star and a Star shines together with other Stars.. and never tries to undo one another.. I am not saying that you are doing it now.. but I fear you will do that in the Future..

So Mr. Sanath Sir.. I think you should think about your future more closely.. Just like Murali and Vaas whom I think did something even Arjuna Ranatunga was not able to do.. I know it will be hard to say Goodbye.. I know that we cricket lovers will miss you like hell when you put your boots up... But what I sincerely think is Sir.. You should think about the Future.. The Future of Sri Lankan Cricket..

So I end this Post with what I believe is a bit of a painful think to say since you are one one of my Favorite Cricketers of All Time.. BUT it's the Hard Truth..

" Thank You Sanath... But Your Time is Up !! "

Until Next Time


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  The Pathfinder

6:42 PM

totally agree with u man. i too love sana's batting. and sometimes wonder whether SL cricket will ever be the same after him. but it's sad to see him fail again & again. specially in the T20 worldcup when he changed bats about 5 times. but if he doesn't take his leave then he will inevitably be dropped from the team. and i think he doesn't deserve an ending. it would only tarnish the great image of the master blaster.


10:39 PM

yep, the longer he plays ineffective innings, the worse his record becomes... he is sadly destroying his own statistics and legacy...

I don't think we would produce anyone like him in the foreseeable future, but for his sake, and the sake of Sri Lanka's cricketing future, I think it's time to say goodbye...


6:48 AM

Sad but true.
How many times have I turned off the tv after sana got out?

This man has been superb for SL cricket but I too think the great master blaster should now retire honourably....before retirement is forced on him like it happened for many of our cricketers who retired hurt.

Arnold did us Peterites proud by bowing out at the right time!


9:46 AM

@The Pathfinder, @ Chavie, @Gallcissa : I agree with all your comments mates .. Sana is a Gem for Sri Lankan Cricket and playing him over and over again is just not right.. it's ok if he is doing well but he is not getting young and we can see he cannot do the things he did in the past nowadays.. I hope he understands it soon.. As you guys said we don't want the cricket board to send him home.. the board did that to a lot of our cricketers.. lets hope it doesn't happen to our favorite Master Blaster.. and he realizes soon that its time to move on... Whatever said and done
Sana is the Best Cricketer produced by our Country.. and He will remain in the hearts of Sri Lankan Cricket Fans.. Forever !!!

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