Anger Management... How You Do it ?

Anger is one of the most feared emotions by Human Beings. An angry person can do things that he/she really doesn't want to do.. and often it ends up giving bad results rather than good ones. Sometimes it is said that long time anger is ok but the one that is always bad is being short tempered cos it makes you a monster and force you to do things that you really don't want to do. ( Believe me.. I have experience on that..).So.. it is really important to manage your Anger, at least stop it from happening often.. otherwise you will end up loosing your mind , loosing your friends . loosing the trust you worked hard to build up and more importantly. the love of the people whom you really want to love you and care about you.

What makes you Angry? If you see this Picture in this Post you will realize that. The points in that are so damn true and often those are the facts that makes you loose your temper.

So how can we control Anger? I have done many things to control myself from getting Angry.. Meditation is one solution it's good if you can meditate once a day cos it really heals your mind,stops you from thinking unnecessary things and calms you down when you feel you are getting mad.Another solution is listening to your favorite tunes when you feel that you are getting angry.. Music does heal your Soul ! so always rely on that to make you happy if you feel that you r not in a good mood and is feeling angry just about anything.. Try talking to yourself more and try to find out the outcome of the things you will do when you are angry.. will you loose a friend ? are you doing the right thing or wrong thing? can I solve this issue without being angry ? etc. This kind of talk really helps you to calm yourself during short tempered situations.. and helps you to choose the right path rather than getting mad and going on the wrong one. Also it is good to talk with a friend or a loved one you can trust about the issues you are getting mad at. Sometimes bottling up all your thoughts leads to getting Angry and Mad and it could end up being physical sometimes.. so best thing to do is talk or write down what you want to say this really helps you to heal yourself and forget the fact that you are getting mad.

Whatever said and done and No Matter how much solutions we do to manage Anger we should remember we are all human beings. Anger is part of us and we really can't live without it. I am also a person who gets mad( often in the past now its slowly decreasing..)and I have also had my own share of incidents where Anger has taken the better of me. But, I have always wanted to stop it so I have done the things I have said before to stop getting Angry. It DOES work. so do give it a try and I am sure it will work for you 2 =).

"Anger is a Monster in Disguise Waiting to Gobble you Down to Hell. Don't let it dot that..Cos You Belong in Heaven not in Hell."

Have a Great Week Ahead Everyone.. =)

Until Next Time


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