Breaking the Silence..

I am back :D. I haven't blogged for about a month before today and thought of taking a break since I thought I was revealing too much of myself and also got hectic with work to the max. But come on.. how can I stop blogging right?? :) Its in my veins so I decided to " Break the Silence " :D.

During the past month I have been through a lot.Work was hectic and difficult. Made quick decisions and suffered bad consequences because of that. Got mad and frustrated and also sick at the same time. It was a difficult month and I was beginning to get worried that I was going down the pit without nothing to hold on too.

Luckily I got a great family and a bunch of friends I adore like my life. They gave me the right advice and guidance and after thinking a lot about my decisions and actions and foreseeing my future, I changed my attitude and beliefs , became a hard thinker and decided to take time when making decisions. I also got more into Buddhism and I think the visit I made to Dalada Maligawa last weekend helped me a lot to heal myself and put myself back on the right path. I like to sincerely say "Thank You" to everyone and everything that helped me to get on that path in every way. :)

So how's my fellow blogger friends are doing ? I am sorry for not keeping in touch But remember I always think of you guys :D. I missed reading your blogs but now I am back u should be warned that I will be stalking you again :D.

Got some posts I really need to publish so I will do that one by one. It's good to be back. I feel my own once again :D.

Until Next Time


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1:35 AM

good to have you back bro! awaiting more posts! :D


3:32 AM

@Chavie: Thank You Bro! :D and yeah its feels good to be back.. :) Await ! :D


5:23 AM

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! *HUG* :) good to have you back!!! glad to hear everything's better with u now!

  ~ lo$t $oul ~

7:14 AM

Good to have u back man.. waiting to see more of posts and frequent ones..!!

Get well soon man


9:07 AM

@Black: Thank You Black ! :D and its really feels good to be back :D Hugs Back !! :)

@LS: Thank You Bro ! yea there will be more frequent posts from me good to c u 2 Bro.. I missed u guys 2.. and now I am glad I am hearing from u again.. Cheers !! :D

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