So our dearest Black decided to tag me on the popular post about "Love" :), Its the first time someone decided to tag me on a topic so I didn't want to disappoint her :). So here are my thoughts about Love.. :D

Love is..

* watching a cricket match which Sri Lanka plays with my dad and shouting together when a wicket falls or we win and be sad together when we loose.

* telling my mom about all the things happening at work and she giving me advice in how to deal with them

* playing cricket with my bro in the garage and breaking all the glasses of the windows of our neighbors

* giving my sis tips about guys and latest fashion trends..

* the times I spent with my Grandma (Moms) when she was there and the time I spend with my other Grandma (Dads)in Tangalle.

* a Bug that bites you where the wound stays without healing..

* like a well you fall into it but u don't wanna get out of it

* the feelings you share and times you spend with you friends..

* something I have never fallen (I think) but hoping I would someday.

* What you Want. but Won't Get Easily.

* the feeling that keeps us all Alive , Happy and Smiling.

Thank you Black for the Tag. It really bought up some sweet memories that coincidentally I love and makes me happy. :D

Until Next Time..


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9:28 PM

lol nice one disease - there's a lot about ur family times ne? very nice :)


3:54 AM

wonderful... loved the bits about your family and the last few that rhymed bro! :)


10:18 AM

@Black : Thank You Black and Yes I dedicated the beginning of the post to them.. :) Thank you for tagging me :) otherwise this post wouldn't have been possible :)

@Chavie: Thank you Bro :) and yeah some moments I love doing with my family :) its all about love here.. :) Glad you liked it Cheers! Bro :)

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