Art of An Amature..

In the past I used to draw.I was able to draw people looking at them or their pics which gave me much joy when I had nothing to do. I didn't seriously take note of my this ability of mine though my Grandma used to persuade me to do it more often.. Today is her Birthday and as a tribute to her I decided to use this talent and draw some portraits of my friends :) Here are the Results.. :)

It took me two days to complete these drawings But when I see the results I think the effort was worth it :). Glad I can pay tribute to Atthamma like this on her Birthday and I hope our artists Lost Soul and Black like these 2 :).

Have a great week Ahead Everyone and Keep on Smiling :).

Until Next Time


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3:13 PM

don't mean to be rude, but you kinda suck.


8:55 AM

@Piss: Hehe its ok man.. that's why I named it as "Amature " na? Still I loved doing it and my friends Loved it 2 . So I am glad my Effort got some kind of Reward :)


9:09 PM

These are very nice. I am unable to guess who they are. My religion does not encourage the drawing of living things... but yeah I used to like it a lot!

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