Lessons from a Tragedy..

The ongoing weekend have been a one with mixed emotions for me. Its started with Friday where I got sick with a very sore cramp on my leg and fever to go with it. The excitement and joy of Sri Lanka qualifying for their 3rd straight World Cup Semi Final by thrashing a sorry English Side and also the freaking weather which is like a barbecue never going to end. But, nothing took my mind and heart off than the tragedy i heard on Friday where an accident took away the lives of 3 guys all in my brothers age.

When I heard the story for the first time I was so shocked that I couldn't even believe something like that could happen. The way the accident has occurred and after seeing the pics of their damaged vehicle, I was really sad for those boys who has just begun to enjoy their lives as young adults but had to leave the world in such tragic circumstances. Even though I am not related to them and never knew them as friends or anything, it was quite a sad story to hear and see. I was feeling sad for their parents, how are they coping with this whole incident? One day you see your son go out of the house telling them that they are going to watch the world Cup and next day they return home in a coffin.. its really sad... very very sad..

I know that you can't determine when your life would end. I might die right now while writing this blog post, death is something you cannot control. But one thing you can do is , mitigate the chances of getting death early. Why should you drive a vehicle around 200 miles per hour ? (I am scared to drive even at 60 , people may laugh at my speed but I know my limit and drive according to that) and why can't you think about your loved ones before doing anything that could be dangerous and harmful to you and your life ?

We should always remember that with great power comes great responsibility (yes its not only for Spiderman Movies). If your parents have given you the money and the freedom to enjoy life, don't MISUSE that freedom and enjoy to a limit. You should remember that there are a lot of people around who care about you and in the end when you loose, every one of your loved ones will loose too. Listen to your Parents and never Break their Heart , thats the worst crime a person can do in his /her life.

I am not a person who likes to blog about things that makes me sad but when this incident occurred i really needed to write about it since its not the first time I heard such a tragedy. There is only one advice I like to give here

May those 3 guys Attain Nibbana and May they/ anyone NEVER face something like this in their lives again.

Have a Gr8 Week Ahead Peeps.

Cheers !!

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